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Scotland Calling!


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I subscribe to the ASCD SmartBrief that comes in my email almost every day. It consists of a collection of news articles gathered from across the nation and worldwide. Apparently opportunity for teachers knocks in Scotland!!!

I'm going there for vacation this summer and I'll be thinking about this item while I'm there! Here is a link if you want to read more about it. If you are fed up with US education and NCLB, maybe you can truly bail out by going to Scotland!!! My husband and I both teach and we are definitely intrigued.




I became involved with the People to People Ambassador Program and will be leading a group of students and teachers through the British Isles this summer. You may want to check this out for future summer vacations - there's meetings before you go but teachers go free since they are supervising students. For more info. go to www.studentambassadors.org.


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I'm actually going on a similar tour. Annually my husband takes high school kids on trips to Europe and this year we are going to Scotland, England, Normandy, and Paris.