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Hi! I am planning to help my students, first grade, put together a mini scrapbook of their school year. I've been taking pictures throughout the year and thought this would be a fun way to end the school year and give each child a book of first grade memories. How do you put these
together for your children? What type of scrapbook and materials do you use? How detailed do you/they make them? Thanks for all your input!:)


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A kindergarten teacher in my school does a scrapbook for each of her students. Her idea would take some planning on your part, maybe more than you have time for this year, but it's a cute idea to think about. She gets old wallpaper sample books from home improvement stores-usually they will donate for free. Then she has parent helpers remove the unwanted stuff-fabric swatches, pages with photos, etc. Finally, on the wallpaper pages she attaches work the children have done all year plus photos she has taken of them. She keeps an art project or two and a sample of work for each month of the year to use in this project.


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Hard Work

It is hard work, but well worth it to the students and parents. A first grade teacher at our school does one and asks each parent to send in five dollars and donate developing one roll of film during the year.

She buys 1 inch notebooks that have the plastic on the front to insert a cover sheet. She then makes the pages on colored sheets of 81/2 by 11 paper and puts them in plastic sleeves (I think she gets them from Sam's Warehouse so that they are cheaper). Some of the pages are just plain colors with the students adding writing or embelishments, other pages are the computer papers that have the cute borders.
She also does specific writing activities so that the children can add those in telling about different things that happen during the year.

Her books are not overly detailed because it would be so much for 20-24 students to do.

The kids are really proud of them. I taught second grade and each year one of her former students would bring their scrapbook to school to show me when they came to second grade.