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SCREWED by walmart.com (blazing mad)


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I just really need to vent, I sent 7 emails to walmart's customer service online today and I am pissed!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

I bought my mom a personalized ring for Christmas with the names and birthstones of all her children on it. Well I ordered it a month ago, it was suppose to arrive well over a week ago and it didn't. They can't locate it because standard shipping doesn't come with a tracking number.

The first person that responded to my emails was an actual person who said I could reorder it or have them credit my account. He said to first call the store and the phone number he provided me to call was my own phone number!! What a ---:rolleyes: Then I sent them an email about reordering and they just send me their generic automated response that didn't even address my questions/concerns. I sent more emails out complaining about this now. I told them to --- and just give me a refund! :mad: They then just sent me an email apologize but didn't say they were doing anything about it.

I know it's not very Christmasy of me, but I want to slap them all!!!!! I am so pissed right now. I want to order something else for my mom, but I've invested so much time in walmart that now it is almost Christmas and I don't know what to get and I don't think that it'll be here in time for the holidays! :(

Anyone else ever get screwed by walmart???:confused: I don't know who else to contact with them, it's like they have monkeys working in their offices sending out these ridiculous emails (not to insult any monkeys). :p
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Hate Wal-Mart

I despise Wal-mart with it's dirty stores and witless employees. I try to avoid stepping foot through their door. I don't think Wal-mart.com would be much better- except for maybe the nasty surroundings.


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Not a fan

I was there to get a prescription filled - dropped it off in the first window - sat and waited as I was asked to do - over an hour passed - went to the window where I dropped off the prescription - they talked to me like they had never seen me before. "Do you remember who took the prescription from you?" --- (this was the person who took it from me!) Went to the second window which is about 10 feet from the first window - the prescription was no where to be found - no one remembered taking it or anything. Went home. Called back a few hours later to see if they had found it. No one knew anything about anything. The doctor had to call it in to another pharmacy, which was an ordeal in itself because I had to tell my doctor's office that I DID give it to Walmart. I have not been back.
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Wal-Mart is a disgusting unethical company with absolutely zero morals and a complete lack of humanity. They treat their employees like dirt, all so the higher ups can make more money. They will hire someone to be full time, only to send them home early at least once a week so that they can't make 40 hours a week-so Wal Mart won't have to pay for their benefits! They have locked employees in their warehouses overnight-doors that lock from the outside only!!! IN the event of a fire-they wouldn't be able to get out!
I will never set foot in their stores (even if I'm not making a purchase) nor will I even visit their website. I would rather pay more at a store with more ethics and that treats their employees like human beings.


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My Wal-Mart vent...

We were there at 4:45 am this morning and got everything we wanted, so I can't complain about that. I do shop at Wal-Mart regularly, but know which stores to avoid.

Anyhow, we're 500 miles from home for Thanksgiving, and we bought a mixer this morning. It was one of their "secret" sales that was posted online but not in the stores. It was supposed to be $139.00.

Well, when the employee rang up our laptop, the barcode didn't scan. She called over a manager who explained to type in the description (Dell laptop) and then manually type in the price. No problem.

The same thing happened with the mixer...it didn't scan. Again, no big deal. By this point, we weren't watching closely, everything else was the right price. The girl typed in the description and the price that was on the box. We didn't catch it, but the price on the box was 198 instead of 139.

So, fast forward a few hours and we got the same mixer for 95 at Kohls. No big deal, we'll return the Wal-Mart one before heading home on Monday.

We had time a couple of hours ago so we went to the local Wal-Mart (not the one from this morning that was about 40 minutes away).

The girl went to do the return, but this time it scanned for the 139 price, even though we had the receipt saying we paid 198. The refused to give us the money backand wouldn't let us return it. Not the lady at the desk,nor the manager could understand how they were not losing money...we paid 198 this morning, they needed to give us back 198. I ended up yelling and screaming and being one of those crazed Wal-Mart shoppers!

They argued that we had to take it back to the store we purchased it at...hello, this is WAL-MART--one of the world's largest chains!!!!! My boyfriend was there, and much calmer than I was. He explained that if we bought something two weeks ago and it was on sale today, but we had a receipt, they would give us back the price that we paid. They both told us no!!!! :mad:They told us we'd have to take it back to the store we got it at.

I was in tears by the time we left...there was no way I was wasting an hour and a 1/2 to go to the other store to return it!

So, we went to the other store (convenient..5 minutes away) and the girl there returned it with no problems and no confusion!


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I hate walmart..

however, and I can't believe I'm typing these words, the emails are not necessarily anyone's "fault." Almost ALL companies now have an automated system that simply sends an instant email when you contact them JUST to let you know they received your message. Most state somewhere in them that a "personal" response will be sent in a specific time (usually 1-3 business days) because someone somewhere has to go through all those gazillion emails.

That said.. I still hate the place! I use Walmart for basic, need it fast/cheap shopping.. I'd never trust them with an order.. they screw up what's right there in front of them.. I can't imagine them having to send off something and get the right thing back!

As for the phone number thing.. I laughed out loud when I read they gave you your OWN NUMBER!!.. ROFL... that's hilarious.. not to you, but the fact that they could be SO totally incompetent is just beyond comprehension.

Personally, I'd cancel the order, go somewhere else and order another one, you have a good three weeks to get it back. If it doesn't get back in time... give your mom a gift certificate to a nice restaurant and a picture of the "gift to come." I know, it's not what you want.. but at least you're rid of Walmart! I had to do that one year, the gift I ordered didn't arrive, so I just put a picture of it in a box and wrapped it up and gave it to them with a note that said, "THIS is on the way!"


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Hang in there and take a deep breath

I'm sure you'll work it out with them. Personally I avoid Wal Mart like the plague.

Brooke S.

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I must be in the minority here. I love Walmart. My Walmart is always clean and has everything. For the most part the employees are friendly. I have never had any major problems before. I love their return policy.

Also, my Walmart is a big supporter of the community. They give money to my school all the time. This year I am Walmart's teacher of the year and I received $500 for my classroom, then they adopted my classroom for another $325, and they give me a $50 gift card each month. I have no complaints there.

I hope everything works out for everyone else. ;)


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I've had a similar experience at an Office Depot a few months ago. They refused to take an item back for a purchase made at the store down the road---less than 10 minutes, same town. I took it back to the original store without a problem. I emailed and got their return policy sent to me, which clearly stated that any item bought at any Office Depot could be returned at any store. HELLO, my email stated clearly that this was not allowed. They gave me an 800 number to call to pursue it. I've just decided that they have lost me as a customer.

I had a great experience at Walmart today, so I'm sorry to hear that yours was not good. My problem was at a local department store. They had a coupon for so much off if you spent a certain amount. Well, of course there were exclusions. I made sure that I chose items to reach my total that were not exclusions, but low and behold they told me they were excluded. Fortunately, from the register you could see all the items, so they did honor coupon, but it took freakin forever! Not my fault if you don't advertise properly.


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Maybe I should rename this post to "Walmart Complaints." Honestly, I've never had a problem with them in the past. This whole ordeal just pushed me over the edge. My blood pressure is probably through the roof (especially after the last email).

All the woman wrote was that she apologizes for the inconvenience. She never mentioned about a refund....:confused:I don't want her $^*#ing sympathy, give me my money back!! :mad:duh...:rolleyes:


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I love shopping and

I love Wal-mart. My daughter use to work there, in customer service yet, and she really liked working there. They treated her great and were more than willing to give her full time hours even though she didn't really request them. Her manager was very personable and knew her name. Plus, as in an earlier post they have given a lot to our community. Shop with a cop and school district contributions to name a few. I am sorry about some of the problems listed here but I have never had any problems returning anything even without a receipt. I go there all the time and I think they are wonderful!:)


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Rudeness and Bad Service

I don't feel the posted issues of customer DISsatifaction are isolated to Walmart. I've had similar problems with stores that are NOT Walmart.

What I HAVE noticed, though, are the increasing occurences at the large/big box/chain/nationwide-types of stores. I'll not address the reasons why - that would take the equivalent of a master's thesis! I feel one does't have nearly the same number of problems at smaller chains or locally owned establishments.

My father taught me a skill which I still use today in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. When one doesn't get satisfaction from the person they are talking to, ask for that person's supervisor. Continue going up the chain of command, level by level, in a pleasant yet persistent/assertive manner until you get a real answer. Be prepared to "agree to disagree." Try to do it in person - it's hard to blow off a person when they have to look in your face.

If it's impossible to talk to a real person, write letters - real USPS letters. Ann Hood wrote a MARVELOUS article in August 2005 issue of Good Housekeeping ("The Complaint is in the Mail") which addresses effective ways to wage campaigns against rudeness and bad service. I have saved that article and have used her tactics. Getting angry takes so much effort; getting satisfaction is SO rewarding. Try to find the article or private mail me and I'll be glad to get it to you.

Good luck!
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as I said, I typically shop at Wal-Mart, and I've never had any issues with returning in the past...typically I can return without a receipt,no hassle.

My issue was more with the stupidity of the customer service worker AND the manager. That was my issue--not really a Wal-Mart issue, although it happened to take place at Wal-Mart.