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scripted tutoring programs


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Do any of you use scripted tutoring programs for your upper elementary students? My principal is looking into purchasing a scripted program to use with those students who failed to pass our state test. I have never used any of these and any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
This program will be used by instructional assistants.


I have used a few scripted programs that are great for older kids. One is REWARDtS which helps students decode multisyllabic words. The kids love it because they get to read big long words like unconventionality and they feel successful. It also a little bit of vocabulary work but really is a decoding program. The workbooks are consumable and fairly pricey. The teacher's manual has the work book sections pictured and then exactly what to say underneath. Very easy to use!
Another program is called Systematic Phonics for Reading. It uses spelling patterns to aide with decoding. Very direct and explicit. It comes with reproducibles so it could be used over and over again.
A great fluency program is Reads Naturally. The students read a passage over and over again and chart their progress. The kids love to see their charts climb higher and higher. Hope this helps.