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Seating Arrangement


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What seating arrangement do you use with your sixth graders? I've been using the rows but I am sick of them... any creative ideas that work for these chatty kids?

Cindy Woodard


I have rows as well, but they have a partner next to them. At my school we use block scheduling, so I have a homeroom group, a math group (leveled), and 3 Socials Studies groups. I have trouble with one group of SS kids. and have to separate them, or they chat too much. The rows with 2 students beside each other works well for all of the other groups.


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my seatign arangement

i have a set of 2 desks, an aisle, then 4 desks, an aisle, then 2 desks. i repeat this behind the first sets of desks so that i have all 24 desks arranged in three rows. i angle the 2 desk sets a little to keep them close to the rest of the class. this gives me a short walkway among all the desks. with this set up i am always surrounded by 2 students on my left and 2 students on my right as i troll through the class making sure everyone is on task.



I have my kids in five rows. Three rows face the front and two rows face are at a 90-degree angle and face the left wall from the right side of the room. I am able to go between the 3 facing rows and the alley between these three rows and the two others is fairly wide (I call this area "the main drag" or "the expressway." If necessary, I can get next to students who sit on the wall as well. I allow students to move the desks when we work in pairs and groups. They may also sit on the carpet if they want. I have a few chairs they can use when they group. There are times when kids need to not be in close proximity and I like each person to have his/her own space. They are given time in every class period to interact with partners and groups. Some kids must be strategically placed where they can't make eye contact with buddies (the front facers). Some must be placed where they can't turn in seats. Some need to be in the front row.


Title 1 math teacher

I taught the regular classroom (3rd grade) for 13 years, and kindergarten/title1 Math for 10 years before doing Classroom Reduction and once again Title 1 math... I found an idea many years ago, in a book Amongst America's School Children, that I liked very much. It worked for me. It was to make an open polygon (3 sides of a square) of the desks. then, I put a smaller one inside the larger one with the children who needed the most help their. I taught inside that "U" shape, and then could walk between them for easy assistance each direction. When I wanted teams, the ones in front could move back to a partner behind him/her. And, it was easy to make teams of four, too. (I tried to graph it in to show an example, but the program wouldn't take spaces in between X's.)


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This is great! I'm glad to hear of non-row arrangements. The arrangement is getting on my nerves and it takes up too much of the room.

Does anyone know of a website with different examples of seating arrangements?


My desks are in a U shape... ive noticed it cuts down on the noise!...


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Room arrangement

I have 6 groups of 5 desks, I am teaching Math with inclusion with Title 1 and Spec Ed teacher in for 2 classes. We are doing small group instruction and center/ game/ review activities.