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Second grade



I am wanting to use Polar Express this year for right before the holidays.
I have seen a multitude of lessons posted online and wonder if anyone on here has used anything that was particularly successful. I am going to ask our grade level if they want to do a special night event...but I have a feeling the answer will be no. So, whatever I do will have to be during the day with the kiddos only.
Thanks for any advice!


Second Grade Polar Express

I invite my students to wear their robes and slippers for the day. We read The Polar Express, in slippers and robes, make a bell necklace, and drink hot chocolate with marshmellows. We also write and draw a response to the story. Good luck!


Polar Express

I know it's too late to use it this year but . . . have you seen "storylineonline.net"? It' s a website. Actors reading books online. Lou Diamond Philips reads The Polar Express (really neat). My 2nd graders go to this website often - there are many other stories on it. Make sure it works on your computer before you send the kids there - it needs a plugin that may (or may not) already be on your computer.
There is also a resource book for Polar Express. I bought it online and downloaded it - had some nice projects and ideas in it.