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second verse re:mean letter



This is chapter two to my post "mean letter". Tuesday I got a nasty letter from the mom, who works in our office, today I got a note from the kid who is in my class. This boy, sixth grade, is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters who dote on him. He is constantly demanding attention, is the class clown, doesn't turn in his work, what is completed is mediocre at best, but thinks I pick on him all day and that I favor the smart kids in my class. He repeatedly announces out loud that what we do is boring, raises his hand to be called on but then sits there pouting and says "never mind" (but he got everyone to look at him, didn't he?), and is a constant drain on my energy all day long (I am self contained...and this has done me in re: that concept). Today he yelled out during a writing assignment that he "wanted to hurt somebody bad". He is missing two assignments for me, and today I told him to eat his lunch in our room and use that time to work on one of them. He went and ate his lunch with mommy (in the office) and made it back to my room with only 15 minutes to work on the assignment which he announced was something he did not want to do and would rather take the zero. In the note he left me on my desk tonight he said I favor the smart kids, and I expect more out of him because his mother works in the office. Excuse me??? Last year he had one of those nicey nice teachers who concentrate on hugs and warm fuzzies over academics. My class is very academic but we do very involved projects that are a lot of fun and quite active. His mother REQUESTED me for him! Now she is out to make my life miserable...heck, the kid makes my life miserable. Last year he had repeated meltdowns, but everyone handled him with kid gloves. His parents were taking him to a counselor but stopped in the fall. So this is my fault now??? When I got my class list in August the fifth grade teachers expressed sympathy that I had him in my class. But now it appears that I am the bad guy because he has told his mommy how mean I am. Let's see, repeatedly announces to everyone how boring my classes are, doesn't hand in his work, walks down to visit his mommy whenever he is in the hall, disturbs the class many times during the day so he can have the attention, and thinks is is "wow!! so cool!!" whenever we talk about abuse to animals or people. I know what you are thinking...trouble here. But mommy thinks he is just "all boy" and it is all my fault that he is crying at night and now hates school when he just loved last year's teacher.


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Why can't parents see that they aren't helping there children by acting that way? I've been in your situation. I just had to keep telling myself that I was doing what was best for the child and the others in the class and just stayed the course. I can't believe he can eat in the office. That's wrong for many reasons. Two questions: Where's your principal in all this, and do the other kids like him? Sorry. I hope the situation improves. He sounds disturbed and disturbing!


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Spoiled Rotten Brat! Sounds like mom needs an eye opening conference where you present to her documentation with dates and times of his bad attitude, missing work, etc. I would also let this kid know that if he is going to the bathroom then he is to go straight there and straight back. No detours! Detours will mean that he will have to be escorted to the bathroom. I had a child one year whose parents couldn't understand why he had bad conduct grade and didn't want to put him on meds for his already diagnosed ADHD. At a conference I had several index cards where I had taken notes with dates and times and what he was doing minute by mminute. I would just pull out a card every so often and take notes for about 10-15 min. They were shocked! He got put on meds.


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bamateach has it!

Document, document, document! And then, make sure you document!
Eventually this kid will no longer be in that school and on to middle or high school where mommy doesn't work....