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Sees Behind Trees


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I just started this novel and saw past posts about activities. Does anyone have discussion questions/activities that they have used with See Behind Trees?


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Here are some ideas and activities I did with this awesome book: A Nature Poem, We discussed Onomatopeia the use of words that sound like what they mean...Chirp! Discuss how the use of sound effects contirbutes to the poetic quality of prose. The students created shape poems of something in nature and used similes, metaphors, allliteration.
Discussion ???-Why does Walnuts mother speakly sternly to him when she tries to teach him to shoot? Why & How does her attitude change?
How does the author show you the way Walnut sees? What important lessons does the weroance teach when she gives Walnut his new name? Do you think you may judge people differently after reading this story? Explain