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Sending Placement Folder?


New Member
When I apply for job openings, should I have my reference letters forwarded to each one? It's $4 a pop from my college, so I figured it's like sending official transcripts and I'm not bothering unless I am asked specifically to do so.

Job searching costs so much money. Printing and paper, postage, resume paper, business cards, nice clothes and make up for interviews, travel expenses, ink jet transparencies for interview "lesson", sheesh...


Junior Member
Upon request

A lot of HR people want candid comments about a person and will personally contact your references. On your resume, put your references along with contact info. Don't send them letters of reference.

Many HR depts. have their own form they want filled out by your reference. They want that form to come straight from your reference. Recently, my two references sent in the form and had to sign the seal of the envelope, to prove they were the ones sending it (and not me).