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My son is going to drive me nuts by the time graduation rolls around. He sees no point in putting forth any effort at all. He's been accepted to a college and is only doing what he has to get by. His work ethic is going to bite him when he finally does go off to school. But of course, I'm only mom, what do I know? Part of me can't wait until he is out and on his own just so I can say "I told you so". Anyone else have a senior in high school living with them?


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I have two!!!!

My boys are "Irish Twins" and I swear this year is going to be the death of me. Their grades are still A's and B's, but ALL they do is play on the computer. I'm worried they will go off to university and let everything slip because they live on the computer all night and then sleep through classes.
It is also so unbelievably EXPENSIVE when you double all the senior expenses: cap, gown, tassel, senior portraits, yearbooks, invitations.....just so far.
OMG.....the prom is coming!!!!!


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My Senior DS is sacked out on the couch...

but that's my fault, too, right? As an enabler mom, he DID help with the mashed and sweet potato casseroles I'm making for tomorrow.

My senior hasn't even applied to colleges, let alone been accepted. I'm afraid that when he gets accepted, work will stop. He was in a few classes last year with seniors and learned th mantra: D means Diploma. He's an A-B student, too, and does take 3 AP classes so I must say he does study more than DH and I ever did! :o

I can't even imagining going through this with twins, Irish or otherwise. Or the stair-step families with one graduating every year for 3 or 4 years. God love 'em!

PS: For all you newbie moms and dads, PAY ATTENTION! This will be you in a very short time! And perhaps WAS you not very long ago!;)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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The college will look at his first semester

senior grades, and they have the right to reject him if he goofs off badly enough to bring his grades significantly below what he showed them when he applied.

I've been through it with two children. My daughter was third in her class of over 700, but she STILL let a couple of her grades dive to a C at the midpoint of both semesters. I honestly think she was just trying to see what would happen or if she could still pull them back to A's, which of course, she did.

My son also got a bit lazy and I was flipping, but in the end, both are doing fine in college. I remember my senior year. Wow, I have no room to talk, do I?


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Irish twins?

Hi all,
What are Irish twins? I'm guessing not twins from Ireland LOL. As far as senioritis goes...my DS was a senior last year, so I hear ya! He is a freshman in college now, but I agree with the poster that said colleges can reject a student if grades slack off.


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My mom says...

God invented senior year so you would be ready to kiss them good-bye next fall when they go to college. Good luck until then.;)


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What a rollercoaster ride!

I have twins also. (Irish? I don't understand that though?) Anyway, they graduated three years ago. My third (?) child, graduated last year (thank goodness). That year was different for all three. What I have noticed is that each one has "arrived" at a point where it is important to them at a different time. I have tried demanding, begging, threatening, withholding, ignoring, therapy, etc. Different things work for different kids but not at the same point-----twins or not.

I had finally begun to relax and feel like everything was going smoothly. Then....this past Saturday the 18 year old crashed his car delivering pizzas. No bad enough? Ok. The next night my 21 year old daughter totaled her car!!!!!! I am thankful---yes. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Never, say never. Your kid will stay up all night, will drink beer like it is water, will sleep in all day, will miss class.....even the "good ones". They will learn----maybe even visit the old "dean's warning list".....They will learn.....they will learn....they will learn....growing up. I sure miss the days when potty training was my biggest challenge!


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Irish Twins

are kiddos less than one year apart in age born to the same parents. My "Irish Twin" brother is 363 days younger than me.:D

teach & learn

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Both my kids

had to submit first semester grades to their colleges. I think that the intent of this is to prevent kids from slacking.

I remember my son saying he couldn't wait to take basket weaving, ceramics etc, that is until he learned that he needed to submit grades. He never did slack off even though he could of for second semester.

I have to admit, he has made me proud in that department. He wanted a high GPA and class rank, thus he kept plugging and plugged all the way through college too. It all paid off, he graduated with honors and got a great job right out of school. The bonus is, he loves his job too!!!

My daughter is a senior in college and I think she doesn't want it to end!


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me too

Count me in...my son is a senior too. He just took the SAT for the third time because he had a personal goal He missed it by 10 points and he said he wants to take it again. I said NO WAY!! He has yet to apply to any colleges although he has narrowed his choices to 3. His dad told me tonght that I NEED to make my son out a schedule of all the deadlines he must meet. I told him HE could do it! On top of every thing else he is hurrying to finish his Eagle scout by January31. I love him to pieces, but his procrastination is making me insane! I guess all of us moms need to remember how we are feeling this time next August when they go away to school.:(


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Not to make you more crazed, but by now, if your son is planning to attend a private school, he should have at least asked his teachers for references. Teachers get really loaded down with requests and most private school applications are due by the 31st of December.

If he is procrastinating, he may not be ready to go away just yet. He may be afraid to tell you that. My daughter applied to twelve schools, eight private. What a nightmare. It seems that was all we did from August through January 1st. And I mean WE, because she never could have kept everything straight herself. She was taking two AP classes and a college class and was involved in Academic Decathlon. I barely saw her. I just remember her writing endless essays for all the different applications. We were SOO GLAD to have it over with!


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He has secured his letters of recommendation ans started online applications. I thought about what you wrote and decided to talk to him. I asked him if he is feels he is ready for college and he said yes, but that he just doesn't want to go too far from home. He said there is so much he likes to do here. We have a nice farm with a lot of woods and he is a real outdoors guy. Sometimes I think my husband and I have made things too comfortable for both of our kids. When I was ready to go away to school - I couldn't wait to leave home! Thanks for your thoughts.:)