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sense of entitlement



My stepbrother who's 38 has such a sense of entitlement. My dad is absolutely furious with him. I know its none of my business, but I just have to vent about this situation.

Stepbrother and his wife are going through some financial problems and have a 2 year old daughter to support. Stepbrother lost his job 6 months ago, and took a part-time job that doesn't really pay enough. They live in an apartment and are having trouble paying rent. Their apartment is very expensive, so in my opinion they should find a cheaper apartment to live in. And if they are having financial problems, maybe Stepbrother's wife should get a job! Stepbrother has said many times that he'll never make his wife work, and that her only job should be being mother to their daughter.

Stepbrother had the nerve to ask Dad if he would give them his rental house for him and his family to live in. I couldn't believe he would have the nerve to ask such a thing. Dad of course told him absolutely not! Stepmom agrees with Dad, and has also told her son that he needs to start being a responsible adult, and that he needs to provide for his wife and child, and not to expect hand-outs.

The rental house my dad owns is a very big house out in the country on many acres, and was my paternal grandparents. It was a summer home that my dad's side of the family spent family vacations. I used to go there every summer with my dad when I was young. Stepbrother has never even been to the summer home. Dad inherited it from his parents. So not even my stepmom owns the property. I can't imagine asking my parents, let alone a stepparent who didn't raise me to just give me an entire house.

But this doesn't surprise me. When Stepbrother was younger he asked Dad to pay 100% of his college tuition and was so mad at Dad when he only offered to pay half, and then stepbrother ended up not going to college. I think Dad has been quite generous towards his ungrateful stepson.


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Sounds to me like...

either he needs to get a second job or his wife needs to go to work. I don't understand his attitude about her working when they obviously cannot afford for her to stay at home.


Stepbrother is very conservative and doesn't believe women should work, no matter what financial situation you are in. He has even insulted his mother(my stepmom) for having been a "working mother" for his entire childhood. Hello, Stepmom HAD to work to provide for him, and even after she married my dad she still had to work for financial reasons.

Stepbrother says his wife shouldn't have to be a "working mother" like his mother was. I think Stepbrother has a lot of unresolved issues with his mother. My stepmom even offered to watch her granddaughter a few days a week since she's retired, so that could cut down on day care costs, and stepbrother still won't hear of his wife working. She doesn't want to work either, and constantly tells us how she couldn't ever leave her daughter because children are only young once and she doesn't want to miss a moment of her child's life. They even have the nerve to say that "working mothers" are irresponsible. I know this bothers my stepmom a lot, cause she was a good mother to her son and did her best. And all he does is insult how she raised him.