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Sentimental recipes



I just baked a pie from my grandmother's recipe and was amazed at all the memories seeing that recipe and the pie brought back. My mom made me get favorite recipes from both my grandmothers when I was in high school, and had me write on them "as told to me by ____ on ______ (date)." Of course at the time I thought it was stupid and didn't get why she was having me do it, but today I am so glad she had that idea. I also have some of my grandmother's original recipes in her own handwriting that I treasure as well. I just thought it was interesting how many feelings/memories a simple recipe can bring back. <!--lovestruck-->


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Oh! I so agree. When my Grandmother became ill we started spending a lot of time in her kitchen. There are several recipes that she taught me "by feel." They aren't written down but she taught me to make them until I got it right just by look, touch. My family really appreciates these recipes each year.
I miss her.


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cranberry relish

I am about to make my grandma's cranberry relish. It also has to be served in her pressed glass bowl. I wouldn't imagine having turkey with having it, it's like Grandma came to dinner. :)


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all kinds

I have so many recipes from both my grandmas, as well as my mom. I think about my grandmas especially when I make these recipes. I guess it is one way that they live on. I have thought about the devastation I would feel if there was a fire as they are written down. I feel I should put them in a safety deposit box but I just haven't done it yet!


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My Italian great-grandmother had the best recipe for meatballs. My great-aunts always made them for the big, extended family Christmas Eve party. We looked forward to them all year long. My mom got the recipe a few years ago, and slowly I'm learning to replicate them (although I'm sure I never will make them exactly right!).

It's been harder to get to the party now that I have in-laws to see as well; last year we didn't even have it because my great-uncle was very ill. DH and I made the meatballs last year for my family, and are planning to make them again this year for a small party we're having. I don't cook much, but it's nice to be able to have a family tradition to follow.


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pie bread

It's funny that so many of us remember the items taught to us by our grandmas. Mine taught me how to make "pie bread" - which is known as chicken 'n dumplin's down here! She didn't have a recipe, so she took me through it step by step. That was over 20 years ago. My grandma is still around (several states over), but at age 91 she doesn't cook as often. Every time I make this recipe I think of her! :)