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Service Learning




I am looking to put a thematic unit together for a 4/5 class. I need to put five lessons together and they should focus on reading and language arts. these lessons need to incorporate service learning and some lessons can be outside of the classroom. I can do things with hunger, homelessness, hospitals, etc. please help!

any ideas!?

Miss C

Senior Member

Could they read to some children somewhere? Maybe a daycare for underprivileged little ones or something? How about writing letters to our soldiers in the Middle East? Just a few ideas. You may have already thought of them. I'm interested to hear others' ideas too! :)


Senior Member

Maybe choose some picture books dealing with some of the topics you mentioned. For some extension activities...
  • You could visit the nursing home, make cards for nursing home residents or shut-ins.
  • With Easter coming up, you could make Easter baskets for underprivileged children, nursing homes, or hospitals. I did this as a service project when I was in high school.
  • At our school, we let the 5th grade students read to the 3rd graders.
Good luck, and I hope this helps! :)