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I've been married for almost four months and I absolutely love it!! We have the best time together ! My husband and I have a 15 year age difference. I just turned 29 and he is turning 44 next month though the doesn't look a day over 35!! Because of his career (actor) he keeps in shape and looks grrreat!! (my hubby is a hot one!) He does all the fitness you can think of...rock climbing, runner, hiking...you get the picture. I hope I do not sound selfish here...but...I want more sex!!
We have it once a week...and I want more! (I dont want to sound like a brat.). His back has been hurting and he's been getting certain pains due to working out and as he puts it, " getting older" and he tells me eventhough from the outside he looks in great shape sometimes the inside isn't all the time. Dont get me wrong, we have GREAT SEX!! but i just want more of it..im 29 and am crazy in love with my husband..i am being understanding to him and his feelings..we dont fight about it at all..AM I BEING SELFISH? SHOULD I TALK TO MY HUSBAND ABOUT MY NEEDS? I don't want to hurt his feelings. im curious to see what both men and women have to say about this..thanks!!


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I don't think you're being selfish, but I think if you talk to him about it (and you should), be careful not to nag or make him feel bad. Also, try to do things that would make him want to have sex. For example, if my husband would cook and clean so I didn't have to (sometimes he does), then I would have more energy for sex. I'm not saying you should cook and clean, but try to do something that would save him time/energy so he would have more of it for sex.