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sharing a classroom


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My school is so large that often another teacher will use our classroom during our planning period. We will go to another work room during our planning time. Well, I have a new teacher sharing my room for this 1 period only. Several times now, since the new semester started in January, I return to my room for my next class and have to straighten up my room - throw away trash, put the desks back in order/rows, move my TV monitor back in place, and have even found a couple of minor items missing (nothing really big (yet) - but it's the principle). I have spoke with the teacher about the item missing but she didn't see it happen. I try not to make a big deal since she is responsible for her own classroom management but it's getting a little old. Maybe I shouldn't see this room as "my room" but I am in the room for 3 periods out of 4 and all my materials, books, personal items, etc. are in the room. Am I being too picky??????? Just had to vent - thanks!


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Sounds like this is you classroom. You might just approach her and ask that she allow some clean up time prior to classtime ending.


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What I do

We have the type of desks with slots under the table part for books, etc.

I let others use my room a lot since I have a smartboard. I will even take my class to their room if they need it for presentations, etc. I have my kids who sit in pods turn their desk inward so others who sit at their desk cannot touch their things. Its noisy and take a few minutes but is well worth the time and effort.

If you have similar desks and are not in pods,you can still turn their desk around so the teacher is looking that the other childs stuff in the deks and the not visiting students.


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I have been on both sides of that

sharing a room thing and it's bad on both sides. I was in a big high school - new teacher - so guess what I got to teach.... the "English with a lab" classes (translation - the bad kids) Kids who needed English class and then an extra class (lab) for help actually doing their homework or reading or whatever. The classes were made up of almost all boys who were like Mexican Jumping Beans trying to keep them in their seats. Most dropped out as soon as they turned 16, but I had to teach them until their birthdays. being low man on the totem pole, I also didn't have a room, so had to move from room to room every period dragging a cart of my materials. Just trying to get through the halls with high school kids who are so rude had my blood boiling before class started cuz the kids would get to the room before I could and sometimes things could be missing and I wouldn't even know they were there to begin with. Then the teacher would have the entire board full so I had NO place to write a thing - not to mention having to turn my back on the darlings to put anything on the board, whereas when it's your room you can do that stuff ahead of time. Oh there are so many things you don't realize are so much harder when it's not your room. You have no control over desk arrangement and separating the trouble makers the way you need to. I tried so hard - but having the worst of the worst all together in one class, and they know it's not your room so it's hard to establish your authority to begin with. It just is not an ideal situation. I've also had a teacher use my room where I am now. I tried to be understanding, but yea, the destruction is hard to take. The kids treated that teacher terribly, so I stuck around a couple of days and wrote up a couple of the monsters for breaking things and that seemed to cool things a big, but there's no easy answer except building more classrooms I guess.


did she have a choice

Your title says it all
"Sharing a Classroom"

The room belongs to the school. This room is yours to use 3 out of 4 periods. It is hers to use in that fourth period. You are sharing the room by administration edict.

Yes all of your materials and books are in the room.
Does she have a space to put the materials and books she needs daily in the room or does she have to cart them with her?
Is she able to get to the room before the kids or is she hauling her stuff with her as fast as she can and arriving breathless when they do?

Remember she did not say "give me ms shapingminds's classroom to use one period". The administration has assigned the room to her. Her first choice, as yours, would be to have a classroom that no other teacher uses.

Knowing that your room is going to be used every day by another teacher and class you need to be sure that you lock up or put away any item that you do not want to disappear. Even with the most vigilant teacher things can disappear. Things can even disappear in a room that only one teacher uses. Often you do not know it is gone until you go to use it.