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Sharing-Cookie Match Up ELA Activity



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I just made this ELA activity for my kitchen center so I thought I'd share. I am adding some "academic" activities to my play centers. I want my students to use the play centers during other times like Daily 5 and math centers-not just free choice times.

Here is the activity-Cookie Match Up There is 1 set of cookies with uppercase letters, 1 set of cookies with lowercase letters, 1 set of cookies with pictures (2 pictures for each sound) and several activity sheets if needed.

How to Use:
  • Use only the letter cookies. Have students match uppercase letters to lowercase letters.
  • Add the picture cookies and have students match the letter cookies to the picture cookies. (letters to initial sounds)
  • You could sort the letter and sound cookies by letter groups. Then have your students practice with a specific letter group.
  • You can have the students put one set of the letter cookies in ABC order. Then play What Letter Is Missing? Have students close their eyes. Remove a letter. Have students open their eyes and tell what letter is missing. This can be done with a small group or as a partner activity.
  • You can have students work with a partner. Partner A makes a letter sound. Partner B finds the letter cookie with the letter that represents that sound or finds the picture cookie that starts with that sound. You could also do this with a small group.
Later on, I can might add picture cards of c-v-c words on cookie sheets and they could use the letter cookies to build the words.

I hope that someone can use it.


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Thank you!

I am a middle school teacher, but these are perfect for my granddaughter who is struggling!


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Thank you so much!

I teach middle school/high school SpEd self contained with some very low level learners so these will work for me as well.