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Sharing-Dinosaur Themed Day



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This year was a long year for me. I barely made it though the year. On top of Covid protocols and dealing with students having to quaratine multiple times, I had a student with extreme disruptive violent behavior issues. It was physically and mentally exhausting.

That being said, I wanted to end the year on a positive note. So, in June, we had a fun day learning about dinosaurs. I wanted to share some of the activities we did and give you links to some of the resources I used in case you want to check out the resources. I had to scramble to pull it together, but the time was well worth it. The students were engaged and had a fun learning experience.

Here is the link Dinosaur Dig Day if anyone is interested. I hope it is helpful.

Two weeks before Dinosaur Dig Day, we used fabric paint to stamp dinosaurs onto white t-shirts to wear for our field day. I had the students wear those t-shirts on our dinosaur day.
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So much fun!! Thank you so much for always sharing. I'm hoping to do a dinosaur unit with TK next year, so some of those activities will be perfect!