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Sharing-PA activities



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I made some PA activities to put in my block center. I think I already shared the syllable one a while ago, but I'll share it again.

Tool Syllable Sort I have the toy tools in my block center so my kids can use those instead of the cards. (I miss the old days when I had a tool bench, kid tools, goggles, work gloves and scrap wood in my classroom. It is sad, but with some of the behavior I've had to deal with the past few years, I wouldn't have wanted it in my classroom.)

Tools-Rhyming Picture Sort

Tools-Beginning Sound Match The pictures on the pegboard are the ones my district uses for the keywords for letter sounds. (We have gestures that go along with them so I wanted to use those pictures at the beginning of the year.)

I hope someone can use these activities.:)


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Those are great! Thank you for sharing! Behaviors are an issue for me also. Twice now, once right before covid, and once this past school year, a student stabbed a baby doll repeatedly in the housekeeping area. I had to remove the wooden Melissa and Doug knife that "cuts" the velcro fruits, veggies and cake. So disturbing!:(


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Thank you for sharing these. I love when I have my tool center out! DIdn't get it out last year because kids were still happy with a kitchen!