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sharing the good news....


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Hi, everyone! I HAD to share SOME GOOD, GOod, Good news. I mentioned in earlier posts that my husband who had become unemployed after Katrina, had taken a job 3 hours 30 minutes from where we live, and he moved in with his parents living in that area, and my little girl had been having to live there as well, because we could no longer afford preschool. Well, I decided early last week, that I would pay for my little girl to start back to preschool, myself, so she could come back and live with me full-time. So, she starts back on Monday, and is VERY, VERY excited. Her grandmother even took her shopping for new school clothes, and shoes, (and took her for a haircut... I later learned this was only because she took her to get her picture made with Santa...again) for the big event..lol. Well, my husband brought back home to me yesterday afternoon, and he's leaving again this afternoon, but...last night...before I went to sleep...
he told me that he had something important to tell me. I thought, "oh great...this is it...we're getting a separation....or worse...a divorce."

But I WAS WRONG!!! He said, "I miss you so much. I know this is really hard for you right now, but I don't WANT to be without you. And, if living here makes you happy, and working in Louisiana makes you happy, then I want to be where you are, because you make ME happy."
I said, "So, what are you trying to tell me?" He said, "Well, I've thought about it a lot, and I'm starting to look for a job back here, and after my IT classes are finished in Feb., if I can land a job back here by then, I'm moving back, but if it takes me a little longer, I'll continue working this contract job, until it runs out in June, and hopefully, by then, I'll have a new job in this area, so I can come back to you." I said, "are you SURE this is what you want?" He said "Yes, because I want to be where you are, and if you're happy, I will be, because you MAKE me happy...I don't want us to get a separation, or a divorce...you and our girl mean WAY too much to me."
I didn't know whether to punch him, (for all the stress he's put me through, and the massive migraines he's caused), or kiss him...lol. ;)
I'm just so happy.:) I did learn that I WILL ALSO get to keep my job... that actually got approved on Friday, so things are starting to shape up, y'all. So, we will have to be apart for a little while, (until Feb, and maybe until June), but at least I don't have to worry about finding a new job right now. So, that put my heart, and my mind at ease.

Thought I would share some good news.
Later today, we're going to celebrate by doing our Christmas decorations outside, and my little girl, and husband and I are making Christmas ornaments, and I'm buying a Christmas tree, because now I actually feel like celebrating again....I just had been under way too much pressure lately, to even think about Christmas, which is fast approaching.
My little girl was so excited about going back to school, and I told her that we would go to Dollar Tree and get her some new coloring books and crayons(she loves to draw... and I had a couple people tell me that they think she is very advanced in art, for her age...she's 4 1/2,(my husband is really talented in art)...she made up a song about...she's very funny...it's so nice to have my little bird home again, in the nest.:)



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I've been thinking about you - thanks for sharing the great news! I'm so happy for you!

Sue W.

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Sometimes the hard times make us so much more appreciative of the good things in our lives. Knowing your marriage is secure, in spite of the miles and that the distance is just mileage rather than the relationship is priceless.
It's amazing how much difference a few days can make; job secure, daughter coming home, plans for the future.
Best wishes!


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Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy that things are looking good. Have a beautiful holiday.:)


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Anyone hear Gene Kelly singing?

You know, I've been told that mature people don't say this...
but I've never claimed to be mature! LOL -So here goes:
"I TOLD you so!"
Showers of Blessings! Your hubby couldn't stay away!
Carry your umbrella while you're singing, REB!

Congratulations, kiddo! I'll offer BIG thanks for answered prayer tonight!


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God does answer prayers


Just so happy to hear things are still getting better for you and your family. An early Christmas miracle for your family. I'll continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

Also, how is the recovery with the walking going????

The best of Holiday wishes for you and your family!


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Thanks, to y'all....

I appreciate every last one of you. Gloria, I'm getting a little quicker with my walking, but the cold is a huge headache for my foot. The sad part is, I really, really like the cold weather, and thought it might be neat to live in an area where it snows at one time, (it DID snow here last year...on Christmas DAY, and that was the first time it had snowed like THAT since I was about 15 years old.) So, I wasn't sure how the cold weather would affect me now, with this. But, I just take some tylenol, and hop in my car, to make the commute to work. My little girl told me I was the best mom ever today...(sniff, sniff). We made christmas ornaments yesterday, the cinnamon applesauce kind...she's very excited about them. My dad, her pawpaw drove over, to help me get her to preschool today...she was very, very excited, and told me all about the kids who got into trouble today, and she also told me that she got a hershey kiss, for being a good listener today.
(Does a heart good, to know SOMEONE listens to me...now, if her dad would continue to learn that lesson...lol.;) )

Thanks again, y'all.:)