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Shelf Elf book


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Has anyone seen/read/used a book called Shelf Elf? A parent suggested it to me and it sounded interesting. I ordered it from Barnes and Noble but I don't know when it will be in.
What can you tell me about the story? How did you use it? I'd like to tie it into our character ed trait of the month:caring.


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I haven't read it but it's funny you ask because I was just in the Hallmark store today looking at it. It comes with a little elf and a book. It looks like some sort of holiday tradition to start with your family about the elf watching over the good boys and girls in the house before Christmas. You are supposed to move the elf each day. I didn't read the book just the little tradition blurb.


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My brother has it. Last year my niece(3) and nephew(5) had a great time waking up each morning trying to find where the elf was hiding that day. And my brother had a great time finding a hiding place each night.

The story addresses the question of how Santa knows if you've been bad or good. The elf hides out and watches all day, and then reports back to Santa each night and comes back and finds a new place to hide. It encourages little ones to be less naughty and more nice.


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We have a shelf elf!

I have a version of the "shelf elf" in my 2nd grade classroom. It is a huge hit--in fact, several teachers in my school have their own elf. Our custodian delights in finding new places for the elves to hide in our classrooms and the kids have just as much fun trying to find him. Second graders are not too old!


Shelf Elf passed down generations

I have one of those shelf elves too!! It was my grandmother's who passed it down to my mother, and now to me. It is obviously a very old tradition.