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She's the best teacher in the world!


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I can't stand it!!!:mad: And we are still in November:(

I teach 1st grade in a state school in Spain. We're getting prepared for christmas now. Our principal foments competitivity among teachers. And there's a teacher in 2nd grade who loves being the BEST. I know this sounds stupid but here are some examples:
1st and 2nd graders should make the same crafts, but her students use glitter, special stickers... And when they go to the playground say things like: MY teacher is the best because she gave us stickers. (She uses school money, so my students have payed for those stickers!!!)

And now for Christmas: we're preparing songs.The music teacher is the one who prepares this. And they had an argument today because she thinks that their carol isn't cute enough for HER students. WHAT??? :confused:


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Best teacher in the world...

is running some little game. She's accepting the principal's tone to compete and make her ego happy at the expense of any kind of teacher unity. Do your best and let her play her games.Eventually, people will see though cute and look for substance other than glitter, fancy stickers and extra cute songs. If the music director buys that nonsense it's not your problem. Teach your little ones be proud of your real accomplishments not the glitter, stickers and show off stuff. I'm rooting for you.


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Why not..

...put some glitter and stickers, or other fun stuff on your crafts too? I sure would not expect first and second grade classes to do the same crafts at all. In fact I wouldn't want all the first grade classes to do the same craft even. And I tell my kids almost every day that THEY are the best class in the school (not that I'm the best teacher). Try that with your kids, and they might respond very positively. :)


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UGH...but feel sorry for her...

I don't know how long she has been teaching, but "trying to be THE best" is exhausting. Just try to be YOUR best. I have worked with teachers like this in the past and know how tempting it is to jump into their "evil little game"LOL, but in the end, true character eventually comes out. Do your best, compliment her when deserved, and feel confident in the job you are doing. I bet you would be surprised if you knew how special you were to your students. Students can see through the glitter and glue right to a teacher's heart<!--lovestruck-->. They have more intuition than we give them credit for.


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Thank You

Now I feel so bad...<!--misspeak-->
This is what happened yesterday. We had FALL party going on when she told me that thay've changed xmas carols and we're doing RADETSKY MARCH:eek:: What I'm supposed to do with that song. We had better one and now we have to change... So yesterday I surprised myself plannig a superdance just for revenge!:(

I really like my students and I want to do my best for them. But I hate thinking: I hope my class is better than hers... I'm the Grinch!! This weekend I'll try to relax and forget about it.