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short winter holiday program



HELP! Sixth grade class sharing program with four other classes needs to make 10-15 min. presentation - 32 students. Any ideas??


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HA!HA!! Feeling your pain....

This could have very well been me....lol :) I am getting ready to help an entire SCHOOL get involved in a Christmas program. I'm not sure what the theme is of the program, by the way I teach music, but maybe you could have your class read and act out the Christmas story?
OR....do a short play? OR...do some Christmas Carols? I am working on 3 ....yes....3 Christmas programs right now. I am in charge of one for an entire school...of about 200 kids....then I'm also doing a joint Christmas program with the Band(another school), and at that same school...I'm helping with the entire school Christmas program there. Needless to say, although I love Christmas, I'll be Christmased out by the time it's all over and done..lol.

OR...you could sing songs about a theme...I'm having one group do a "Winter Theme" with their presentation, since one of the other groups is doing a "fun Christmas Carol" theme, and another one is doing the Christmas Story, and the religious themed songs...also there is one group I'm having do multicultural songs...just three..."Feliz Navidad", and "O Tannenbaum", and "Adeste Fidelis".

You may want to check with your music teacher at your school, and see if they can help you find something? I have been working with the grade levels on their Christmas songs for the program.