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Should I Ask for What I Want?



Hi all.

I have had a hard time finding a teaching job. This year, I finally got into the public schools. I accepted a job that I thought was temporary, teaching special ed 8th grade. My experience and traning is in elementary. I took the job, which was given to me because I had my college professor (who is also my school supervisor) refer me. She basically stuck her neck out to get me the job.

Anyways, I never wanted to stay teaching special ed in 8th grade. Basically, the principal and my supervisor told the district they wanted to keep me....without asking me first. "We told them you're staying? Is that ok? Good!" But the thing is, my heart is in elementary schools. I'm afraid to tell the principal and my supervisor that I want to go back to elementary school. I feel like they did a lot to get me the job, and I shouldn't ask to leave. Plus, I'm teaching sped, and I'm afraid they won't LET me leave because it's a hard position to fill.

What should I do? Tell them this isn't for me and risk turning them against me? Or stay in this position and thank God I got a job to begin with? Maybe wait a few years before asking to be transferred because I need some more experience before asking to move? What do you think?



I strongly recommend that you stay in this position. Yes, it is very hard to get a teaching position these days and you are very lucky that you were able to get this one. In our state, you wouldn't be given a contract for next year without a SPED certification. Having a SPED cert. has always been the way "in" for my district and yes, SPED teachers sometimes transfer into other positions as soon as possible. Staying in there for a while proves that you are committed and flexible. I know it is hard since I am at an inner city middle school and have many inclusion students. With the "No Child Left Behind" laws, you will be well trained for when mandatory inclusion in all subject areas is required. It already is required in my district. Hang in there and perhaps your outlook will change. I am kindergarten certified in addition to my regular teaching certificate but was put in middle school several years ago. I grew to love my middle school position and wouldn't go back to elementary for anything in the world!


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tell them

I suggest you tell them how you feel. I would ask if there are any elem. jobs you could be considered for. They didn't ask you and should have I think. With your special ed. license there will probably be another job that is just as hard to fill as your current one. You'll never know if you don't ask.


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Just be honest

I realize that getting a teaching position is difficult, however I truely feel that you should be happy in your position and it appears that you are not. With that said I feel you should speak up and tell them.