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Should I have to call doctor about my test results?


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I’m feeling frustrated with medical care today! I had blood work ordered by a neurologist and the test results have trickled in the past two weeks. I checked MyChart on Monday and saw that all the test results were in so I expected to hear from the doctor in a couple of days—even just a MyChart update. Nothing after three days so I called his office this morning and was told that it’s the patients responsibility to call about the results and set up an appointment if I had questions. Hmmmmmm, my primary care doctor always sends a message via MyChart even if it’s just to say all looks well. Plus a couple of my tests came back with elevated results!!!

Maybe the person I talked to didn’t know wha they were talking about! I think I will message the doctor directly. Sometimes I worry that now that I have Medicare I won’t get the quality of care that I am used to:(


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I don’t want to sound like Pollyanna, but I think the medical profession is overwhelmed right now. They’re still dealing with Covid and, like many in this economy, they’re struggling to keep/train employees. I think you’re wise to take charge of your own care as much as possible. I don’t think it’s a Medicare issue, just a 2022 issue. Hope this helps you.


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My primary's office will message through the portal.
None of my specialists do.

In my experience it's common to have to make a return appointment to discuss tests with a specialist. Most times I've been told to make the next appointment as soon as the test is scheduled.


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test results

I have found each specialist does it differently. I don't think it is a Medicare question. Message the doctor the concerns you have about the elevated results. Did they schedule a follow up appointment?


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I have frequent bloodwork that I have done before the doctor's visit. I get emails/texts from MyChart when the results are posted, and I always look at them. Occasionally I have an "urgent" question that I send by MyChart, but generally I simply discuss the results at the visit.

Also there are "elevated results" and concerning results. Several of my results are always out of range, but not concerning because I am already under treatment or because they are not all that far out of range. Additionally, any result that is far out of range should probably be confirmed by retesting.

I would suggest that you send a message to the doctor to ask whether the results are concerning, whether they require any action, and whether you should schedule a follow-up visit.

I noticed no change in the quality of care that I received after going on Medicare.


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I have noticed no difference in care with Medicare.

My results show up immediately on My Chart too. I usually get a prompt message from my primary care physician about them, but recently had to call a specialist's office after waiting several days for a message about some test results. There was nothing life threatening in them, but I needed to make a decision about medication based on them. I sent a message through My Chart and got no immediate reply from the specialist's office. I had to call the office too.

For whatever reasons, I think we all have to be our own advocates for our medical care. I waited several days to hear from my specialist and then called. I got answers to my questions very quickly then. They called me back that day.


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I see all my results in mychart. I only get a call if there’s an issue in my test results. Otherwise I hear nothing.


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I don't have a medical degree, so I appreciate a call from my doctor with an explanation of my results.


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I don't have any experience with specialists (thankfully!) but I would think that if that is their procedure, they need to make that very clear up front so that the patient knows they're supposed to call. That sounds like more work for them to me- then you're dealing with patients constantly calling when results may not be ready yet.