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shower/retirement ideas



We are having a baby shower with a nursery rhyme theme. Any cute ideas for games, favors, refreshments, etc? Also, we are planning a retirement party with a Hawaiian theme and are needing ideas for activities for that too. Thanks for any creative ideas you may have.


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Photo Book

I'm not good for games, but here is something I've done for special occasions such as weddings, exchange students, retirement, etc.

Take (digital, or get digital CD when developed) and/or scan photos. You can upload these digital images to photoworks.com (or snapfish, or shutterfly, among others). You can annotate the images, arrange the pages/photos how you want, and have an excellent, high quality photo book to give as a gift. The cost will be $10-50, depending upon the size & number of photos you upload.

Recipients of these books have really enjoyed them as keepsakes, and to showcase a special event (or timeline).