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sick day vent


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We only get one sick day and I decided to use it yesterday. I had a cold and probably could've made it to school but I felt that I deserved a day since we don't get MLK or President's Day off. I was stressed about how much work I'd have from taking a day off so I came in extra early this morning. It turns out that I don't have any extra work because they didn't do any work. The sub let them play all day. I'm glad that I don't have a ton of paper work but how you can you not do work all day. The sub said they couldn't find my lesson plans, even though they're sitting on top of my desk and there's a copy in the office. There's also a sub folder in my desk but the sub couldn't find it. I just love private schools?!?


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I hope you are feeling better! Just make sure you tell the front office that you no longer wish to have that particular sub.


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One Sick Day?

You only get one sick day??? I have never heard of any teacher getting only one sick day, private or public. Please tell me you get some personal days also! I get a total of 15 days each year... I have only been teaching five years and I now have 71 sick days saved up. I could take off half the year if I wanted to lol.


Are You Serious?

You get ONE sick day?? We start off every year with 10 plus any left overs from the year before. That's absurd that you get ONE.


Just one?

I work in a private school, and we get 7 sick days, 3 personal, and some for professional development too. They don't roll over, but that's plenty of days for me. Just relax and be glad to not have any paperwork.


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What if you are sicker than a cold and have to be off for more than one day? Can you take off with a penalty, or can you NOT take off!?!?

We get 10 sick days each year (that accumulate) and 3 personal days. The personal days turn to sick days at the end of the year if they aren't used.

And as a former sub, I cannot understand why you can't follow my plans!!!! I leave a DETAILED (usually 3-4 pg) note explaining exactly what to do and how?


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I subbed for six years. I generally found that the teachers had their lesson plans on their desk and that they were descriptive enough to follow. I think it's important to know that if sub plans are TOO descriptive, they are too difficult to handle, because you simply don't have enough time to read them all as you transition from one subject to another. Sub plans that are not descriptive enough are also a problem.

I once went into a classroom of a teacher with very abbreviated plans with cryptic notes I had a hard time understanding. His very brief note for spelling said simply: three times drill. Okay, now what's a three times drill? Fortunately, I mentioned three times drill to the kids as the day's activity, and they knew exactly what to do.

The best lesson plans were the ones that were written in outline, rather than essay form. Essay format requires more time to read. I always preferred a simple outline of the basics: Math lesson, subtraction with regrouping, page 59. Homework: worksheet A59.

Good sub planning is definitely as important as having a good sub.


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I have been a sub two times in my teaching career. Once when I was starting out and didn't find a job. Then after teaching 7 years and the school closing, I couldn't find a job so I subbed for that year. I know what it is like to be the teacher.

I write the best sub plans ever. Sometimes even word for word what I want them to say. I rarely take off except for a workshop now and then. I have tons of sick days that I will never use. This is what I have learned.

I teach everything the day before and do not give any assignments the day I am there. Then I only have the kids do work that they have already been taught by me when I am gone. I have long range projects due in a week packets, etc. They work on work, read books, maybe see a movie. Nothing that requires a sub to teach.

Many people that sub have no idea how to teach and it just confuses the kids. I went to a workshop in October and then one again last week.

The kids said, Oh you must not be here tomorrow because you are teaching us so much and then I guess we'll just do work tomorrow.

This give the kids control because they know what to do and I do not lose a valuable day of teaching time nor do I have to reteach what was done incorrectly.