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Sign Language for Second Graders??


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I have thought about having my 2nd graders sing "Silent Night" while doing sign language. Are there any experienced teachers who think this might be too hard for them? I thought about it and their are repeated movements, plus the song is slow so it allows them more time to do the actions correctly. Just a thought, I am only hoping it isn't to hard for them. Let me know please!!!



When I taught at a private school (catholic), my kids did this in music and it was beautiful! I cried...I am a sap though!


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Go for it!!!

I too taught at a private school and we had our kids as young as k-5 using sign at our Christmas play. It was wounderful and the children really enjoyed it. Good luck!!!


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Hey, musicteach, I teach music as well, and..

Hi, there! :) I teach music K-6 between two schools. I am presently teaching sign language to my 2nd and 3rd grade students for "Just One Candle", a musick8 song. It has two verses, and a chorus section, that repeats twice. They do quite well with it.

Good luck! :)

P.S. There is an ARTS board...it's listed under Arts and Crafts.



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2nd can do it

In general, 2nd's are not too young to sign "Silent Night." Even my preschool students sign during songs and rhymes. We use Signed English and do the main words, which would be my recommendation. Others will turn their noses up at that and say you should only do ASL, so decide ahead of time which it will be. Research your signs, or find someone to teach them in an artistic way.

Do your students know the manual alphabet? I teach that in kindergarten and find it very helpful for signing songs, since the signs for many words are based on a hand shape/letter. Do be sure your students know these are "signs" and are actually part of a language, rather than "actions" for the song.

Good luck with your adventure! This could be a beautiful and meaningful experience for both the children and the audience.


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Ditto on ARTS board

Ditto to REB's suggestion to try out the ARTS board. The only reason I saw your message on the VENT II board is because I always use the Search feature that shows ALL new messages in the last 24 hours.


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Sign Language in the Classroom

I integrate sign language into several of my lessons in 3rd grade, such as in memorizing Bible verses. After awhile, the students are able to sign simple sentences. I keep a sign language book out for their use. A regular signing dictionary seems to be best, since it usually has any word a student is looking up. It helps with comparing languages to English (we also do a little bit of Spanish), it adds kinesthetic learning to the memorization (and also aids in comprehension, since many signs resemble their meaning), it aids in understanding past, present, and future tenses in English lessons when these tenses are signed along with the word, and it helps the students learn to use a dictionary. I enjoy other languages, so it also adds a personal touch to my lessons; students who see the teacher as a learner are encouraged to be learners, themselves.


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Good Idea

I work with deaf and HH children as I have several in my classroom. I'm also a fluent signer. I think that would be a good song for your 2nd graders. 2nd grade is not too young to learn sign language.

I would recommend signing the main words in the song. Typically in sign language the words such as: is, a, be, the, aren't signed. For example "All is calm" would be signed "All calm".

If you'd like me to take a look at the song and offer anymore suggestions, you can send me an e-mail.


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Ithink it would be beautiful! I teach sign language to everyone I can get ahold of! The kids love it! I usually end up using it as a reward because they love it so much. I don't think it is too hard for them at all, especially if you make it fun for them! Good luck!!


I teach Kindergarten and I...

have taught the kids the alphabet and some other things in sign language...they learn very quickly!!!