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silly kids...


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O.K....y'all I'm thinking my kid has been around her dad WAY too much...lol. She farts, and then announces it, and says, "Do you smell it yet?" and turns on the ceiling fan, and runs into another room. O.K...so she's 4 1/2...but still. Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has a child that acts like a silly bee.

P.S. When we are in public, and she farts, she does announce it as well...even to strangers...and poor cashiers...never fails when we're in the check out at the grocery store...she does it. (I turn about five shades of red...and honestly I didn't know there WERE that many shades.) I've asked her politely as possible time and time again NOT to do that. (However...the grandparents (yes...(*rolling my eyes*) my parents), think it's hilarious...and they burst out laughing EVERY single time.

And advice on how to stop the happy farter in her tracks, so she understands it's not only stinky...but NOT cool.


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Too funny!

This made me bust a gut! My four year old son does the same thing! It must be the age. We haven't been able to stop him yet! I think that if we keep reminding him that it is not polite he will eventually stop.~~~Although I have heard that boys never do, so you may have a better chance than me!:D
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Reb, you could firmly tell her that it is NOT to be done ever in public, and if it continues, you will leave her home. It'll happen again, and when you get to the car, remind her. "I told you that you'll have to be left home if it happened again, and now you can't go with me to ......... because of it." Let her cry or wail or whatever she will do. Leave her home and go without her wherever it was. Come home and talk to her. If she offers to control it, tell her she can go places with you on a trial basis, but if it ever happens again, this will happen again.

If it were me, I'd extend this to any room with another person in it. She should excuse herself to the bathroom. You might have to talk with husband and parents about not laughing about it. If you have no luck there, you may just have to live with this behavior.


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Silly kids...

Ignore, ignore, ignore. Okay, in public, apologize to the cashier. My kids only do this sort of thing for an audience which I refuse to be! ;)


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The Art of Fart

Hee,hee - Loved it! I'm with Kiki. Ignore it - it'll go away. I do love a 4 year old!



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Thanks, y'all... :)

Thanks for all of your wonderful words of wisdom! :) I had a long talk with my husband about this, and he agreed that it is time to teach her unacceptable behaviors aren't o.k., because she will be in Kindergarten next year, and I would be mortified if she did this on a regular basis at kindergarten, and then I had to hear about it from the teacher, so I informed him we need to teach her NOW, so she won't keep doing it.

So, we've decided to talk with her, and let her know that it's not cool to fart in public and laugh about it, and run away. And, that if it keeps up, she won't get to go out with me to the store again. (she also likes to go to merle norman once a month with me, and I let her help me pick out either a lip gloss, or finger nail polish,) and I told her that if she can't do what I want, she won't be able to make "beauty" shopping trips with me anymore. She cried so much, you would've thought I had just ripped her heart out or something. (The girl LOVES to shop...I wonder where she gets THAT from????) So, she said she understood, and told me she was very sorry. Usually when she gets in trouble with me about something, I don't have to state my case again...on this one however, we shall see.
Only the smell will tell....

Thanks again, everyone.