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Silly question



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Can anyone share how you require your students to write their heading on their papers? This is something I have never been successful in enforcing. I would appreciate any suggestions. :)


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Heading on Paper

First Space - left side- name and class number
First Space - right side - date
Second Space - left side- subject (writing, math, reading....)
Second Space - right side my last name
Third Space - leave blank
Fourth Space - center- Title ( I require logical titles usually with page numbers)
Fifth Space - leave blank
Sixth space - start work

I have a large poster I bought that looks like notebook paper. I made an example of how I want the heading. I keep it displayed.

After a month I have them redo it if it is not correct. <!--eyebrow-->


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Even worse question...

So when you say first space you mean the first actual line? Not the top line where the lines begin?


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if you wrote on the top line it would be up in the margin, rather than on the paper. At least that is how I view it.


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I just wanted to make sure. I guess I sound like the kids. <!--giggle--> At least I didn't say, "I don't get it." (at least not out loud) I have taught for many years, and it seems I always give up on the heading. This year I will insist! Thanks a lot.


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I have my kids highlight their heading.. Usually gets them to put it on because they get to highlight it afterward!


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I like the heading in the top margin so it doesn't take up so much of the work space.


I'll have to change it now that I'll be in mid-school with multiple classes of the same subject!


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I have my students write their first and last name on the first line at the left hand margin. The date is on the first line right hand margin.
On the second line under their name, they are to write the subject and p number of the assignment. It ends up looking this this --

Name _________________________________August 1, 2011
Math p 12 #1-10 ____________________________________

They start the assignment on the 4th line. That way there is a space between the heading and their work.


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I actually do the opposite of everyone else.

I have my kids write on the very top line of the right side of their paper and their number.

Jane #5 (top line)
Spelling Sentences (second line)

I don't require last names, simply because I'm in a very small school, I typically have less than 20 kids, and I'm self-contained. If I have kids with the same first name, then they will put down their last initial.

I also get them to put it on the right side of the paper, because when I paper clip the papers together, I can still see their names if I need to flip through the pile to find something.


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I'm a little different

I have my students write their name and number on the right side on the very top line. The date goes under it. On the left side, on the top line, they write the assignment title. Then they two lines and write.


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I would ask the 5th grade teachers what they prefer. Then, you can just use their model, and the kids won't have to relearn it next year. :)


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All in the upper right corner of the paper. THe number is the number of the line that the student has in my grade book. If I quickly put the papers in number order I am not only ready to record grades, I can tell at a glance whose paper is missing. Using the corner makes it easier for me to flip through the papers.

Maggie Sue

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No need to change just modify

I used the same heading as you do. For five classes of the same subject, I just have them put
the class period behind the subject.
For example:

Maggie Sue

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Dutch Girl

If you are working with other teachers, you may want to get together to have a common heading otherwise students will be frustrated if they have to remember how every teacher wants a diff. heading.


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Check, Check, Check

I have them write their name and date in the upper right hand corner and their student number in the center of the margin. Before we turn papers in, I say, "Check for your name, check for your date, check for your number," and the students say, "Check, check, check" as they physical draw a check beside each one.

As the year goes on, they usually write the checks automatically as they write their names, dates, and numbers.

By October, I start taking off a point if they do not have their names on their papers.

I also have my "Surfer of the Day" put papers in number order. Like a previous post, it is easy to see who's paper you don't have and it is easy to put grades in your gradebook!!