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simulations/role playing ideas?


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I teach 6th grade SS and am looking for activities for the French and Indian War, the Revolution, and the Civil War.

I have been giving my kids notes with "holes" and having them read and fill them in, then we discuss. They're getting the information but I would like to make it more interesting and engaging for them.

Can anyone recommend a source or share some ideas? I would really appreciate it.



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Try Interact... not sure if they have anything in that area or not, but my sixth graders always enjoyed their simulatons. They're a part of Highsmith publications, just google and you can find the website.


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Interact does have a lot of great simulations and I think they have one for each of those topics. They're a little expensive ($50?) but worth it. Maybe you can get your prince to take it out of the social studies budget?

Have you tried googling each of the topics + simulation? I bet you'd find some good material.

I do several simulations with my students a year, but I teach Texas History, so most wouldn't be useful to you. I usually do a simulation on Native Americans, Columbus, Spanish Missions, Stephen Austin, Annexation of Texas, The Civil War (should we go to war, should we be confederates?), and Cattle Drives.

My students always get a lot more out of my simulations than they do other types of learning, so I enjoy putting them on. Most of them take A LOT more work than an average lesson, though. I just got through my Spanish Missions simulation, which is the only one that the whole 7th grade participates in, and I got rave reviews from the PTA and my principal.

Good Luck on finding what you are looking for.



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Try Teacher Created Materials. They have an American History SImulations book.

It is not hard to create one of your own. A simulation does not need to be a recreation of the events. For example, if you want to simulate what happened before the Revolution, recreate something they would be angray about if it was taken away. Recess or something.

For moving to the colonies by boat, have them pack a plastic grocery bag with anything they want to bring to the new world. (or if you are daring, have them pack a small suitcase) Or, have them write what they would put in a trunk. Then, have a list of things they would need to have to survive. Do they have what they need?

silpada girl

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History Alive intro simulation to Amer. Rev.

I was wondering if anyone out there used the simulation activity in HA for introducing the beginning frustrations for the Amer Rev. It was the one where the students planned a party, only to have it destroyed by limitations set by the PTO. The reactions of my students were harsh, and I don't think they will ever forget how their teacher duped them. I thought it was a great simulation, but the kids could not get over the fact that I had to lie to them in order to accomplish this simulation.


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History Alive! Simulations

Yes, I have used several different HA! simulations for the American Revolution for varying age levels. The kids do get worked up and are much more likely to remember the connections to history.