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single parents



My parents are in their mid 50's, and are divorced from each other. They've been divorced for about 18 years. Now that I have been married for several years and have kids of my own I worry about my parents being alone and not married to anyone. Neither one of them has ever really dated after the divorce. They seem content with their lives, but now that I am married I can not see going through life without a spouse. I worry about them when they get old and will not have a spouse to take care of them. Sometimes I wish they had gotten remarried to someone so that they could of had someone to share their lives with. But the good thing is that my parents are friends with one another and love being grandparents together. They get along really well together, and I am always able to have holidays such as Thanksgiving with both my parents, which I am grateful for. But I do worry about them both growing old without a spouse. They both say that they are fine without one, but still I wonder.


From experience...

It is better to by yourself than to be married to someone you don't love, or in my case, was abusive. I am sure your parents were not abusive to each other or they would not be able to be with each other and be great grandparents!

Why are you so worried? They have YOU!!!! (Just kidding!)

But you even say they are content, but alone. That does not mean they are lonely! They share holidays with you. There are no guarantees in life and just because in your head you think that in the golden years one spouse takes care of another, that just isn't the case very often.

Enjoy your situation, enjoy their situation, and QUIT worrying about something you have no control over. Enjoy them and let them enjoy their lives secure in the knowledge that they are not a worrisome burden to you.



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Being married is no guarantee you will be there to take care of each other when you are older. My dad died 11 years ago at age 68. My mom is now 79. Who takes care of her? She lives alone and pretty much takes care of herself, but her children are ready to help her whenever she needs it. It's not always easy. I live 400 miles away, but I do what I can. My mom is having surgery soon and I will take a week off from school to stay with her. She raised us and helping her now is only right. My mom is happy, has friends, and has a family that loves her. She doesn't need or want a husband.