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Single-Sex Classroom


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What is your opinion on single-sex classrooms? I am considering taking on an all boys fifth grade class next year. I've found research that both supports and negates the idea. Just curious as to if anyone out there is teaching or has taught in this situation and could offer some feedback on the pros and cons.


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same sex classroom

I haven't but the idea has been tossed around for our summer school. For the state to reimburse our district this year we must have at least 15 students in a class. This was one of the suggestions that the administration came up with. Things are still in the planning stage with us. I'll be interested to read others' thoughts on this as well.


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I have been thinking about this as well! I am thinking about working in an "alternative" public school where the classes are 5th and 6th graders, capped at 15 students, and seperated by gender.


I have 17 kids in each of the 5th grade scien

I've found that the days when we have an "all girls" class, the days the boys are gone on soccer tournaments, are the days that I get the most material across with the least amount of effort. The class is orderly, well behaved, and working on task. I'm not having to constantly stop class to stop the petty nonsense that boys create - amongst themselves or by harassing the girls.

Articles I've seen related to low income and minority students seem to indicate that same-sex classes seem to work well in many cases. Girls are more participatory, reading and mathematics scores have improved. As far as it not working - studies from the AAUW (American Association of University Women) indicate mixed results - not a total success but certainly not a total failure.


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worth trying

I've seen research supporting both sides of this one. I personally think it would be worth try especially in the middle grades. I know that my middle son would love it because the girls in his class are so catty with one another. There's so much drama that he feels uptight all the time. My older sons never had this problem though. Perhaps it is a decision that needs to be based on the students coming through at that particular time.


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In theory....

single sex classes should work for boys and girls. There is an argument that classrooms and schools in general are becoming more "feminised" with quiet, passive behaviour the expectation. In theory, we could accomodate the needs of boys better if we offered them more active and hands-on learning experiences. Of course, not all boys have these needs.

Trouble is.... you need to staff single sex classrooms, particularly boys' classes, with teachers who have the appropriate understandings of the needs of the group they have. I have seen a high school boys' class that ended up with all the behaviuor problems in it, and was an absolute zoo.


Why not seperate them?

because alot of teachers would agree that most boys are the distraction of the class or it can be the other way around. I do know that this is why there are alot of students failing because of all the socializing in class. Im not saying that if they were seperated by gender it would make a whole big diffrence but its worth the try!


Against Segregation

I think that classes should NOT be segregated because you won't be able to meet new people or be use to the other gender. How are you suppose to get along with everyone when you only have one gender in your class? Havin non coed classes makes it hard for people that like to date. Some people who have never fell in love will never get to experience love.



i have to do an essay about this at my school becuase they want to put these classroms here at washington high. ####s wack. im soo against it. things are way better when it involves boyys. who agrees??