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Ski Resort Vacation


Senior Member
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving with your family. I was hoping some of you can help me out...my husband's and my anniversary was today (yep, on Thanksgiving!) and we have decided to take a trip to a ski resort. We were affected by Hurricane Katrina and both think it would be a really good idea to get away from it all and enjoy ourselves at a ski resort.
Do any of you know any good, CHEAP resorts that are really nice??? I hope you can help us on this! We need a getaway!


last year...

last year i went skiing in park city, utah for a week. it was fantastic. it wasn't necessarily cheap, but maybe there are some sort of package deals. we went to lots of mountains in the area to ski, but park city was by far the best....

might be going to breckingridge this year, but i have no idea how much that would cost.....it's just an idea we're tossing around right now.