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Slides, Turns, and Flips


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I am looking for ideas and examples to share with my class. This is usually on their state exams.
Thank you....


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For flip, slide and turn

I just did this lesson this past Friday. I had my aide cut out little shapes on the ellison machine and then I had my students show each one with the shapes and they had to glue the shapes so that they had a representation of each one. My students really seemed to like it and it was hands on. You can also use pattern blocks and they can practice it as well. Hope this helps. :p


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The first day I taught this I had the children act out slides, flips and turns with their bodies. It was then easier to teach them with shapes in the later days.



I Tried This. It Worked Very Well

Have A Worksheet Where Students Have An Original Shape On The Left And On The Right Of That Example The Shape Hase Either Slid, Flipped Or Turned. Give Each Student A Pieces Of Trancparency And Vis-a-vie Marker. Have Them Trace The Original Shape Onto The Transparency. Then Have Them Either Slide, Flip Or Turn The Transparency To Land On The Replica Shape.

Model First On The Overhead. Work Some Together Then Have Some For The Students To Work Independently.