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Small gift ideas- parent volunteers


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I have about 5 parents that I need to get gifts for helping out consistently this year. Do you have any ideas? I'm looking for somethiing small and not too expensive.


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I order travel mugs from oriental trading that you can put an insert in. They are about 3.00. Then I take a picure of the class and at the bottom, I print Thanks for all your help this year! The moms loved it last year so we are doing it this year too.


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Which Mug?

I looked online and I didn't see a mug that had an insert on it, do you know the order number. Thanks so much this is such an awesome idea.

Brooke S.

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measure up

One year I did measuring cups (the large ones-plastic) and I filled them with tissue paper and candy. On a tag I typed "Great Volunteers Really Measure Up!" I attached it to the handle with curly ribbon. They were really cute.


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Hi. This year I did a "Volunteer Kit" with things such as

rubber band-flexibility
tea bag-being terrific
paperclip- keeping me together
peppermint- commitment

That's all I can remember off the top of my head. There are other posts on this site which helped me get some ideas. I put the stuff in a little basket. My volunteers really liked it.


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This seems to be my standard answer...but they can always be used. A nice attractive frame makes for a great present. You could even take a digital photo of their child and place it in the frame. Or perhaps the class? Look at Target or Wal-Mart.
Hope this might help.