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Several years ago I did a maths morning on using smarties. To do with Chance and Data, The chn graphed how many of each colour etc. I have misplaced my information. Can anyone help me with ideas.:)


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We are doing chance and data this week.

Data- i would give each child a mini packet of smarties. Create a stencil /template for students to create a graph of the coloured smarties in their box. Line up the smarties to create a column graph. They could then draw the smarties on the stencil before eating the smarties.

Data- using the same mini packets, have students predict which colour smartie they will pick out of the packet. They could then pour them out and write down the chances of each colour being picked out (depending on the year you teach).

All I can think of for now. But thanks for the post, it reminded me of these ideas- I will do them tomorrow.



I once used smarties in group counting. We made groups of 2's 5's and 10's. I think we only gave them 2 packs though. It worked best for groups of 2's. Just an idea.