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Snow Day!


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Well, here I am, snug in my pjs, right when my first period class would usually be starting. My school has a snow day today, though I think a delay would have been more than sufficient. Whatever! I guess I will resume my cleaning of the house, of which I did quite a bit of over the weekend. (Does anyone else find that they have more time when a marking period just ends? I feel like the pressure is off, at least for a short while...)

I didn't learn about the snow day until my car was already warmed up and cleaned off (and I was showered, dressed, fed the dog, got my son up, etc. ect.) My son has school, so it is just me and the dog.

Anyway, anyone else out there home w/ a snow day? (This is too early in the year for snow days!)


Snow day?!

No way! It's supposed to be near 70 degrees here the next few days (central NC). We won't get any snow (if we DO get any) until January or February - but a lot less than what I'm sure you get in NJ will close our whole county down! Lucky you! Enjoy your day off. :)


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Enjoy your day off. I remember teaching up North and loved snow days. Teaching now in GA, we don't have any snow days. I sure do miss those days.


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None for us

No snow here in Missouri. It's supposed to be around 65-70 degrees today and tomorrow and then drop in the 40s & 50s for Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your day off!


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Ms. Amy

KY3 out of Springfield, MO just said 70's today and then a chance of snow on Thursday. Too bad we are already off then.
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I'm in NJ too, but we didn't get heavy snow. Just a mix of snow and rain. It has stopped now. I was on the road this morning and some cars (I guess from north-west Jersey) had a couple of inches of snow still on them. <!--misspeak-->

I am so not ready for the winter. It's suppose to be a white Christmas, not a white Thanksgiving. :rolleyes: About a month ago I was still able to wear shorts and no jacket! :eek:


no snow but cold

It was 20 degrees today but no snow! Man,,,could've used a day off....I hope you enjoyed your day.


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No snow days here! I miss them though :) We have had 2 hurricane days this year, but that's about it ;) We rarely get surprise days off school.


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snow days

Well we have had a little bit of snow lately, but nothing much to amount to having a day off. I didn't think it was snowing much any where yet. We normally have more this time of year though.

I don't care for snow days because we end of paying for them later.

No snowflake smilies yet either.


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Thanks for everyone's nice wishes!

It turned out to be a relaxing day. I got a little more school work done, as well as housework, and met my friend for lunch. So it was a nice treat. But it was not necessary - the roads were fine; if they had just called a delay, it would have been enough. I don't mind snow days, but would rather have them on a really cold or nasty day. Plus, we are three days short due to starting late, so we are hoping not to use all over our snow days so we get out on time. (Starting snow days in Nov. is probably not a good sign!!)

But...I guess I will just be grateful for our little respite.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!