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So Excited and thank you....


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Today is my last day of this summer term in grad school. It has been a rough one with 3 classes with a lot of demanding assignments. After today I'll have a few weeks before school starts. Yes, I'm excited to spend time with family and friends... but I am Really Excited to have time to plan lessons, prep my room and soon get back to doing what I truly love to do- teach!

Friends and family members have been saying "oh you must really be enjoying your time off". I haven't really had any "time off" with grad school. I would much rather be with my students then sitting in class.

I also want to thank everyone for all of the amazing resources posted. PT has been my escape in between assigned readings, papers and projects. I am learning a lot through grad school, but I think I may be learning even more through PT!! :)


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Yeah for you!!!

I finished up two years ago and I also had a very grueling summer. But it was worth taking 4 classes to move so quickly! You'll be glad you sacrificed your time. It won't be every summer.