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So many bloody noses



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Someone just posted about Bleedcease on Amazon. There is also nasalcease. It won't prevent bloody noses, but will help stop them. I sent the info to my sister as her DD20 gets ones so bad at times they needed to cauterize it :(
Sorry you are having these!


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My DH was having excessive bleeding from the nose and they went in and cauterized a blood vessel that kept bursting. Maybe you need to see and ENT.


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Have you used a nasal allergy spray in the past? I was using a nasal spray during the spring. Then I was getting nose bleeds in the summer. A friend suggested I use the nasal spray with my non dominant hand and only every other day. It helped me. Hope you feel better.


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One of my kindergarten students years ago was having daily, heavy nosebleeds. She had to have cauterization done and this stopped her nosebleeds.

I had a third grader who was an obsessive nose picker and he had to have the procedure as well but it didn’t help since the nose picking didn’t stop LOL

It’d be worth it to speak to your doctor or see an ENT.


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I had it cauterized years ago (like I was in middle school). It was horrible. One of my least favorite procedures ever. My dad just had it done too. Yuck.


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Bloody nose

So weird….I have a friend going through this right now, but he didn’t have Covid.

As painful as the process is, I would go to doc and see if it needs to be cauterized. There could be something else going on.


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That sounds

very distressing, GG!
When I went to college, I went from sea level to 7,000 ft in elevation. The climate was very dry. I often had nose bleeds those first weeks of school. I was prescribed vitamin K supplements to help and they worked immediately. Hope you find some relief!


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I would get nose bleeds all winter because the air was so dry. My parents added a humidifier to our heat source and it went away.

Maybe try a humidifier?


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I hope by now they have stopped. I would be heading to the ER for help in stopping them. It can't be good for you to be losing blood for so long.


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My doctor told me to spray AFRIN on a cotton ball and put it into my nose. I had severe nose bleeds and it worked great.