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So nervous and scared!



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I taught 2nd grade for 4 years, I took last year off to be with my baby girl and I am ready to go back to teaching. I just got called for an interview at my dream school, but it's for kindergarten. I feel like I have a good chance of getting the position, but I'm really nervous about teaching kindergarten.Will I have very hard time teaching kindergarten since my experience is with 2nd grade???


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It is so very normal to be really scared and nervous when changing grades! I am a third grade teacher but have taught 1. I know there are lots of K teachers on here who will be helpful than I can be not having taught it.

Breathe... breathe... it will be okay!


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You'll be fine,it isn't a huge transition. Just think of whatever you taught in second and take it back a bunch of steps. Kindergarten is a blast. I'll be going from kindergarten to fourth.


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You will be fine. I worked at a middle school for 3 years then got a job teaching K. That was 10 years ago. I am still in K and loving it!!
Just remember they come to you at varying levels from reading to not knowing their name!! Routines, routines, model, model!!
Good Luck!!!


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Go for it!

Kids are kids...whether it's Kindergarten or later Elem.

If you have rapport with them, set firm rules in place and stick to them and make sure they know you WANT to be in Kindergarten, everything else will fall into place.

Don't worry about the Curriculum-part. You can handle that, too!