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So where are you going??


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Connieg is doing what I really, really want to do and cruising the Panama Canal (I'm jealous, and I openly admit it!!). Where are the rest of us going this year? Anywhere fun? We have a pretty full year planned:

April: a week at Disney World with DD, SIL and the adorable cuteness in my avatar
May - time to enjoy the beaches after all the spring breakers and snow birds go home!
June: friends, my brother, and our son come to visit
July: more friends in the first half, then start road trip to Oregon for birth of grandson!!
August: taking care of DD and kids for the first half, then drive back to SW Florida for the rest of the month, lots of things to see along the way
September: my nephew gets married in TN, another road trip
December: youngest DD gets married in northern VA, yet another road trip, maybe Charleston on the way home
We would not have time to work!!

Retirement rocks, life is good! :)

So.... what's on your calendar??


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Trip to...

Ireland the end of May. Going to spend 8 days there. We've been planning this for a year!
We shall also visit the grandkids in IL. and VA. during the summer!
Come Aug. the oldest granddaughter will be off to college in CO. so we shall help her get settled.
As for the rest of the year--well, since neither of us worksLOLLOLour plans are open--will be looking into cruises!
I love being retired!<!--heart_red_3D--><!--hearts--><!--heart-->

Mr Sensai

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I have been traveling the world teaching. I am tired of traveling and would like to stay in one place for a while. I have been to about 45 to 50 countries in my life and need a break from traveling for a while.

My calendar is day to day now and I don't need to make future plans like in the past (Oh, I can visit you over Spring break/winter break..etc). I have realized that I make my own schedule now. :)


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Where am I going?

We have plans to take our DD and her family to Disney World in August before school starts for her kids.

No plans for a trip out of the country since I don't have a passport. I need to get one so there will be no more excuses. Traveling out of the county and/or going on a cruise will be something I would like to do someday. They both kind of make me nervous...I get seasick on the Cape May Ferry!


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trips planned so far

From Georgia...

North to Greensboro, NC--eat at favorite place to eat, visit with a cousin.

Then over to Virginia Beach because I've never been there, explore, go across the bay on the ferry and end up in Philadelphia. Two places to eat there, one in Reading Terminal. We like hunting down good places to eat on road trips.<!--giggle-->

Then north to Vermont/New Hampshire to where my great-grandparents, etc (father's father) lived for a family research visit. Thinking three-four days should do it. We're meeting another cousin there and some distant relatives so we can all go exploring cemeteries and hunting down farms long since passed out of the family. Lots of pictures taken.

Then north to Maine to our summer cabin. My niece is getting married at the end of June right there on the lake. Stay until it gets too cold for my southern bones (end of October) and home again.


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We're going on a road trip in May to CT to see my sister receive her doctoral degree and then we'll visit relatives. During the summer, we may try some overnight MD beach visits. In late summer, we're planning a trip to Tennessee/Great Smokies area as I've never been there. Next year, we might cruise to Canada. I'm so thankful that we can travel whenever we wish without time and work constraints. :)

Ruby tunes

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Travel plans

With my mom, who is in assisted living, in failing health, I won't be going far. I am the one who monitors her care, and I wouldn't feel right being out of the country or even out of state. However, I will take frequent trips to the mountains about two hours away so I can escape some of the summer heat here in the desert. Those trips include long walks by the lake, barbecues with friends, nights in my cabin reading in my rocker, or visiting my BFF. She and her husband live year round in the mountains, so we look forward to the summer and playing endless board games. :D

For mom, I'm only a cell phone call and two hours away, and I return every few days to the desert to check on her. ;)

Your plans all sound wonderful, and one day I hope to do some long distance traveling, too! I would love to experience autumn in New England. <!--fall maple-->


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Not too much planned for this year. We are going to San Antonio in May. Its a business conference for DH and a vaca for me. We were there with friends a few years back and have already done the Alamo/Mission thing. We are staying downtown in the riverwalk area. If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants/attractions that we can walk or cab to, I'd love to hear them.

In June we are going to Hilton Head for a week. We haven't been in a few years and are looking forward to just relaxing on the beach, eating good seafood, enjoying a few adult beverages and just kicking back.

We would like to do another Viking cruise in the fall but are waiting for them to get cheaper. If you wait long enough you can get two for one on half priced cabin and free airfare.


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Unfortunately with a child still in HS we cannot pick up and go at will (also DH is still working for 3 1/2 more years) but I am looking forward to that day......! Not sure if we'll do anything this summer yet except for maybe a few day trips! But yeah, retirement still rocks!



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Where am I??

We are in Florida for a few weeks recovering from a good old fashioned New England winter. April is tbe perfect florida month if you ask me! Ri beaches for the summer with a road trip to either bar harbor or niagra falls. Paris in October to celebrate a BiG birthday!


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Hopping in the RV

We just got back from an Idaho visit.

California coast in May, heading toward Monterey and Santa Cruz areas.

In June we'll go to Moab and Monument Valley to take photos with friends and sketch (if we're feeling ambitious) then visit my brother near Phoenix, maybe swing by Sedona if we haven't been away from the watering system too long.

July and/or August week day trips to Lake Tahoe, avoid the week-end crush. Probably back to the coast for a bit.

September in Yosemite, more pictures, with friends.

Early October probably Yellowstone and the Tetons before they close down. Although, the Albuquerque Balloon Races may be calling us toward New Mexico: Santa Fe and Taos, too.


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My dh is still a working teacher, and I'm having fairly major foot surgery in June. I already have lymphedema/permanent swelling in the foot/ankle that's being operated on, so I'm pretty sure I can expect some big-time swelling post-surgery. Basically, I hope to be traveling from my bed to the bathroom when nature calls. <!--giggle--> Seriously, my adventures this summer will have to be through reading books and reading about all your travels. Please share your vacation stories and photos! At least I'll be able to vacation vicariously through all if you! :)


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May: Mediterranean cruise, Spain land tour
June: Day trips in the Southeastern U.S., mostly North and South Carolina
July: Seattle/Northwest trip
August: Visit DH's family in Pennsylvania

That's as far as I've gotten so far.


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not too far

I'm taking the train for 3 nights in NYC in August. DH is supposed to take me on his motorcycle to Conn. to visit family. Not sure about my chances for that one. I need to get out more!


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Wow...I live a quiet life I guess. At this point no major trips planned. I did fly to AZ in March alone for a week to visit friends. A dear friend who also lost her husband & I are thinking about doing something at exactly the start of school as a celebration of our very recent retirement. Just not sure how far or where we will go. But, it's only for a couple days. It's okay because I keep busy with family and friends around home.


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Alaska and back

We spent every summer for the last 16 years coming down from Alaska. We are just excited to be down in the lower 48 for the summer and not have to travel back up. We plan to just stay home and golf.

However, I am going back up to Alaska in May for the birth of my grandson. His due date is the first week of May!!! Excited.


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Just got back from a 9-day trip to NYC, Princeton and Philadelphia. DH had to work in those places, so I tagged along.

In two weeks I'll be in London for a couple of days, then Croatia and Bosnia for 3 weeks.

The week of Memorial Day I will be in Orange County, CA for a three day celebration of life for my cousin's husband who passed away last month. There will be a paddling out since he was a big-time surfer (among other things).

The week after that will be 4 days in Chicago because DH has to attend a conference there.

I see a road trip in my future--probably in June--to see my DD#2 and DGDs.

Jackson Hole to visit DH's brother and family at the end of July/first week of August.

After that, who knows? I'm always up for a trip, so if DH has to go somewhere interesting for business, I'll tag along. I know he has to go back to NYC in October, so I may go too.
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All I can say is that we are a group of extreme travelers. Isn't retirement grand? Let's face it: there will be years in all of our futures where travel will be impossible or extremely difficult. It is so nice to be able to enjoy this time now when our health and energy are still fine. Blessings on everyone's health and finances!