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social studies projects?


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Our curriculum this year is about the Revolutionary War up thru the Civil War. Do you have any ideas for cool projects for the kids? I've noticed that some of my kids are not good test takers so I want to give them alternative assessment.



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My top 5

These activities can be done for either war.

1. A set of 6-8 trading cards featuring famous people of the time. I have the kids draw the people on the front and need to put 5 facts about the person's contributions to the war, and why they are still important today.

2. A Meet the newsmaker forum. Some of the kids dress up as a famous preson and give a first person presentation that a moderator or fellow classmates ask questions For example, Why did you keep fighting when your men were sick and had no uniforms?

3. Create an 18th or 19th century ( respectively) treet to share with the class include background and recipie in the presentation.

4. Have them create a picture time line illustrating the most important events on the war(s).

5.If your school has the technology, have the kids create a power point on a topic of their choice.

6. (an extra gift) A debate about breaking away from Great Britian or leaving the Union.

I hope these give you some ideas.:)