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Social Studies


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Hi All,

My school has no social studies curriculum for First Grade. What do you use and can you share anything?



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State Standards

My school really didn't have one either. We used our state standards and, because they are listed in bands (k-2, 3-5, 6-8) we divvied up the standards among the grades and designed the curriculum around that. I teach rules and responsibilities, families, traditions - our own and that of other countries. I think there is more but my brain is not cooperating. Anyway, check out your state standards.


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Social Studies Units

For the first 12 weeks we do these units and I basically do entire lessons around read alouds.

Being a Good Citizen at School and Home which includes learning about rules and responsibilities and consequences. There is a good set of books if you can find them at your local library by Cheri Meiners that discuss good character building.

There is also a book called 'Being A good Citizen" that discuss what good citizens do.
The David books are fun for 1st grade.

Then I do one week called All About Me and I read What Makes Me special (or something like that?) and buy a class set of those all about me posters for kids to complete at home for a project grade and we share them.

I do unit on that book officer Gloria and something:confused: -- brain not working tonight - and we discuss laws and why people need to follow them.

Then we do "We are special and we are different" and we discuss family units and how other cultures are alike and different from our own.

Finally around end of october I will probably do a mini unit on Elections since this is a presidental election year.

I would focus on finding some good books to read aloud then plan lessons around the books.


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We don't have much for resources either. This year, as part of the Science "structures" unit, I had them make a building at home. After they presented, we made a little town and that is where I brought in some of the Social Studies outcomes for our province. (The Town covered the whole Gym stage)

Street signs were discussed, identified and added to the streets we painted on lots of white paper. We talked about neighbours, placement of buildings, how they would affect community, friends, etc.

It was a lot of fun!


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Heroes and Role Models

One of the more popular continuing themes we did last year was role models and heroes. Each month we looked at a new groups of role models... September:family, October:Explorers, November: Pilgrims/Native Americans, December: Mary, Jesus, Joseph (Catholic School), January: MLKJ/teachers, February:Presidents, March: Authors (Dr. Seuss especially), April:Saints/Jesus again, May: Parents, June:graduating fifth graders. They love to learn about, dress up as, and report on selected role models for projects.

We even created our own superheroes using the values and characteristics we want to practice. We had things like the magician of manners, wizard of wonderful words, queen of compassion... this helped them learn more about the values we want to practice and see in others.

Even more popular... Pirates. This past year we even read a much adapted version of Treasyre Island by R.L. Stevenson. He came to our town to recover from TB so it also goes with our town history. With the unit we learn all about Maps and the compass rose. fun fun fun.