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solar system mobile


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My darling daughter (5th grade) just told me she has to do a solar system mobile for school. We are off until next Wednesday and all of my books with extras are there. It is due next Friday but, I would love to get it done while we are off. Does anyone have any simple ideas for us while we are at home for her to work on? She was appaled when I said we could make one with posterboard planets. (Mom just can't think and be creative sometimes. ) Usually she has some really interesting ideas herself but, she has been so moody lately.

Thanks in advance,

Marie from PA


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I don't know for sure but...

What about using the model clay stuff from crayola? The kind that hardens on its own? Or maybe different sized athletic balls? You could do some paper mache ones using a glue and water solution and newspaper. I don't know exactly what the project specifications are but hopefully something will work out for you. Good luck!

sci teacher


You can get styrofoam balls of all different sizes at craft stores. You could add rings around the appropriate ones and color them.


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there are kits at walmart with everything included. I used this for my science class this year. is is styrofoam balls and everything.