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solids, liquids, gas


Miss W

I am student teaching in a second and third grade room and we are doing a unit on solids, liquids, and gases. My teacher wants me to do an interactive bulletin board for the students and use the idea of the changing states of matter on the board. Does anyone have any ideas for me? They would be greatly appreciated!

Alicia G

Here's what I would do.

Why not let the kids search magazines for solids, liquids, and gases (hard to find, but perhaps containers of gases like a hot air balloon or a picture of the sky). Also I'd have the kids do a phase-change dance. You call out "solid" and they stand really close and wiggle just a little, keeping their feet on the floor. When you say, "liquid" they move a little more, spread out, and can walk about. When you say, "gas" they spread out more and really move about. Yell out these phases in any order for a while and you can take a digital picture of them acting out each phase. Then, put pictures of them in these three phases on your bulletin board.

I'd skip all the non-newtonian solids and liquids. I'd also avoid weird things like foams, aerosols, and gels. Too complicated right now. Just stick with the typical liquids, solids, and gases.