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solution to grandma name



I think I found a solution to the grandma name problem with my stepmother-in-law(SMIL) and MIL. So husband's stepsis is pregnant and SMIL wants to be called Nana by her biograndkids. MIL has always wanted to be called Nana too. I don't want them both to be called Nana. I know my MIL will be a much more involved grandma than SMIL.

So since husband's SMIL will be Nana by her biograndkids, I thought of calling SMIL Nanny Kaye or just Nanny since its similar. Then MIL can be Nana, which she's always wanted.

My only concern is that Nana and Nanny are similar. Will children be able to tell the difference between who is Nana and who is Nanny?


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There shouldn't be a problem. Where I grew up there were only Grandmas and Grandpas. When talking ABOUT them we always added a last name, but there was no confusion in our minds who was who.

If your SMIL would still prefer Nana, calling her NanaKaye should work just as well.

Brooke S.

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One of my friend's sons calls both is grandmother's "Grammy". When telling other people which one is which he will say "Grammy with the white hair" or "Grammy with the pool". It is really funny, but he always just calls them Grammy when he is talking to them. It has never been a problem.


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I don't see a problem with calling them both Nana. When the baby gets older he/she will probably createt his/her own distinction between the two. We never planned what my son would call my mom. He started calling her Nene. (My dad was calling her Granny). Nene turned into Nanny. And now he's four and just calls her Nan. Your little nephew will figure it out. I think it makes it more special when they come up with their own names. If anything, I think NanaKaye is cute.


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The story of 3 nanas

My mom, and my mom and dad's mothers all are Nana to my little 3 year old. His solution: His grandma is Nana, Nanny or "Ma Goat" (he learned about nanny goats in a magazine). My mom's mother is Nana Cane( she walks with a cane). My Dad's mom is 'Nother one Nana. They all love their special names because my boy decided how he wanted to handle it. I always refered to all 3 as Nana to him. He is happy and so are all the Nanas.:D


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I agree with the other posters

I know when I was a kid, for some reasons I called my grandparents Nonnie and Pumpa. I have no clue what I was trying to say, but that's what they ended up and that's what all the grandkids after me called them. My kids had a Papa on both sides. My son always called my dad Papa-to- the-horses (all one word :) as Dad lives on a small farm and has horses. Don't sweat the small stuff. There will be plenty of big stuff to worry about between now and then.