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Some very important questions


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I am trying to get a class library together and since we are doing reading worskhop ths year I need some help! I have a few different questions that I hope some of you can help out with.

1. Is there a place where you can go to level your personal books? I have a lot of books right now but have no clue as to what level they would be on.

2. I want to build up my personal library with quality lit to use as well as have those copies for the kiddos classroom library as well. Any suggestions on some books for first grade that you can't live without? Non fiction as well :)

3. I need to build up my holiday and themed books as well so if you have any suggestions as to titles that would be great.

I know there are many out there, but I don't want to waste my money on a book that isn't that good when I could have got some real good ones!

4. Does anyone have a template of how they keep track of their conferencing notes for guided reading, or independent reading and writing conferences?

Thanks so much! I am going to post this on the language arts board also :)


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Maybe I can help...

1. Here is a website given to me. I haven't used it, because I don't have my classroom library leveled. Maybe it will help you.

2. My first graders love Clifford, Berenstain Bears, Froggy, Robert Munsch, David Shannon, Audrey Wood, Kevin Henkes, Little Critter. For non-fiction they love books about animals. The girls love kittens! I also keep some books of interest that in my opinion are of low quality, but it gets them excited to read: Sponge Bob, Transformers, and Spiderman. I have those for some of my boys who don't particularly care about reading.

3. Jan Brett has some great holiday books-The Mitten, The Hat. I can't think off hand what else, because I haven't taken out my holiday books. I can take a look when I go back to school and add them. Other themes are Johnny Appleseed, Martin Luther, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Spring, Winter/Christmas.

4. I don't have a template, because I received a book from a guided reading conference I attended, and I use the template from that book.


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book resource

I went to booksource.com and ordered their catalog, then this summer I went through it and ordered from amazon and half.com a bunch from each level. I ordered mostly j-m books, and am so happy now with my purchases. They use a lot of what Lucy recommends, so I know everything is high-quality. This is a great resource!