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Something that makes me feel old...


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older(?) is having to put bandaids on my face after having two skin cancer biopsies. I mean, how often do you see younger people with them? And when you do, they have some adventurous tale to tell, like they were scraped in the face while mountain biking in a remote area. Me? Uuumm....two biopsies. :o

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What skin biopsies…I thought you got mauled by a bobcat while tent camping in a remote area. I’m glad you were able to fight it off and only suffered minor injuries.


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I read some essays for a scholarship one year. They had to write about something memorable. One kid wrote about fooling around, with his older brother, in his parent's garage. His leg was badly injured and he has large scars. He wrote that he tells people that ask that he was bitten by a shark while on vacation in Florida.

Make up a story if you want. Or do as I did. (I've had multiple biopsies, Mohs surgery, and melanoma reconstruction.) I said don't use sunscreen and you can have these too.
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I guess I got off east. I went to the dermatologist and found a precancerous spot on my face. I only have to rub some ointment on it at bedtime for three weeks.
As for your story… I would say you were flying in a helicopter over a live volcano, and some volcanic rock flew up and hit you in the face.