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Something you don't hear in a classroom everyday...


Senior Member
But if you are in MY prek class you just might!

Student: "Mrs. 2liltexans, I can't find the name cards."

Me: "Oh! There they are on top of the cockroaches."

We are learning about insects this week and I have brought in several hissing cockroaches for them to observe. It's SO great to have science teacher friends!!!!

Funny story to go along with the hissing cockroaches. We were sitting in circle and I had JUST gotten them out to show the kids how they hissed. JUST as I touched it, we had a fire drill. Talk about 'perfect' timing! :rolleyes:


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We teach for these little moments...

Don't we??? I laugh in class everyday at something, and what would be odd to others outside the profession is normal for us. I would not be happy to have cockroaches,(I prefer frogs, though I don't have any in class,) but to each his own.:)