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song for the FIVE oceans? and continents?


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Does anyone have a song that teaches the five oceans? I found some for four of the five, but not all five. Anything is appreciated-thanks! PS the five are: atlantic, pacific, indian, artic, and southern. Also, I would love a song to teach the continents as well please. TIA!

Mrs. R

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To learn the seven continents,
Think of the letter A
And when you're down to only one
An E will save the day.

There's Africa, Antarctica,
Australia, Asia, too.
The oceans run between them with their waters deep and blue.
There's also two Americas, North and South, you see.
Now, we're coming to the end.
Europe starts with E!

Kat's Mom

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continent song

(to the tune of "Are you sleeping?")

The kids use their bodies to sing this song to help them visualize the continent/map layout as they sing.

Stand with feet together, arms held out from body parallel w/ the ground.

North America (shake left hand)
Europe (touch nose)
Asia (shake right hand)
Africa, Africa (rub belly as you sing this part; I tell mine many people in Africa are hungry
because much of the continent is desert so they don't produce enough
food for all their people)
South America (touch left knee)
Australia (touch right knee)
Antarctica, Antarctica (touch toes)

When I'm teaching the song, before teaching tune, we also discuss that our heads are the North Pole, our hips are the equator, and our feet are the South Pole.)


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Continents Fav

I use the one Kat's Mom recommends, it helps them with the location and placement of all of them on the map.


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5 oceans

There are five
there are five
O-Oceans, O-Oceans
Pacific and Atlantic
Indian and Arctic
Southern too
Southern too

Sung to Frere Jacque

My kids really like it and still sing it!


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Dr. Jean songs

Try the Dr. Jean CD-Sing to Learn. It has the continents and the Oceans-only four of them though. If you go to her website, www.drjean.org then go to the lyrics of the songs, she has the words for you to use. We enjoy this CD.


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Five Oceans Song

Sing a Sea Song My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean tune

Verse 1: The earth has five vast and blue oceans.
The earth has five vast and blue seas.
The earth has five vast and blue oceans.
Can I name them? Well listen and see.

Chorus: Oceans, Oceans five oceans on our planet earth (our earth).
Oceans, oceans, more water than land you will see.

Verse 2: So salty and cold is the ocean. So salty and cold is the sea.
So salty and cold is the ocean. Too cold and too salty for me.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3: Atlantic, Pacific, the Arctic, Southern and Indian too.
These oceans all cover our planet.
I named all of them now can you?

Repeat Chorus

This came from the following lesson:

http://www.movingbeyondthepage.com/... Earth/Lesson 6 - Water, Water Everywhere.pdf


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Another song

Sung to "Are You Sleeping?"

There are seven,
There are seven,
North and South America,
Europe, Asia, Africa
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Sing this verse to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.....

North and South America,
Europe and Asia too
There's Africa and Australia,
But Antarctica's not for you.